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Fem Shep Will NOT Be in the ME3 VGA Trailer


Early today, we posted that there will be a new Mass Effect 3 trailer out for the Video Game Awards this Saturday December 10th.  We also learned today (via Twitter @femshep_com), since then, that sadly this will NOT star female Shepard or how she is popularly known – ‘Fem Shep.’  I always figured the VGAs would have been the perfect time to unveil this long awaited, community supported, trailer which BioWare’s David Silverman has been hyping via Twitter.

The confirmation was discovered in a forums post by Chris Priestly, of BioWare’s Social Network, when he said earlier today:   

Ok, it is a hard part of my job, but I prefer to do what I call "managing expectations". When we do not manage fan expectation, people's imaginations get ahead of them and they see something cool, but since it isn't what they expect, they end up disappointed.

I can say it is not the FemShep trailer.

I can say it is footage not seen previously (not from previous demos, etc) and shows a "cool scene" on a planet that should be familiar to people who played Mass Effect 2.

There is no stipulation or rumor mongering here, plain as day, “I can say it [new VGA trailer] is not the FemShep trailer.”  My question is then is... WHEN?  Sure the game still has until March, but the VGAs would have been perfect for the unveiling of this fan desired trailer.  I have faith that it will come, but time's a tickin BioWare.

The hype comes mainly from the many Female Shepard fans and their community - such as FemShep.com.  Remember when the Official Mass Effect 2 Facebook page had that contest to pick the ‘look’ of Fem Shep back in July?  Love for her has only grown and it even seemed like she was receiving BioWare supported love from their director of marketing David Silverman. 

Clevver Games posted this video to YouTube back in June of this year.  In this video Andrea Rene talks about how BioWare was increasing the gender equality marketing with adding Fem Shep to their rotation.  This clip mentions that David Silverman Tweeted that Fem Shepard will get her own trailer and that she will be on the collector’s edition box art of the game.  The clip is embedded below:

Also in June of this year, was an interview with David Silverman about the topic of Fem Shep.  In this interview at E3 2011 he says “you will see your Fem Shep trailer, so there you go.”  This clip is posted below.  It’s December, the community STILL waits.

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