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Fan Film of the Week: Skyrim Dragon Hunt


It seems a new fan film is getting released every week now. But each one seems to get better and better. The latest, a fan film dedicated to Bethesda's Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is no different.

Titled, Skyrim Dragon Hunt, the live action short film brought to us by Tom Antos (YouTube user polcan99) features a Dragonborn hunting a dragon. The big thing in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is, of course, dragons.

It is said "only a true a warrior, a Dragonborn, can survive in the land of Skyrim and save Tamriel from destruction. Slaying a dragon and absorbing his soul is the only way to win against Alduin". This is primarily the films focus as it follows a Dragonborn warrior hunting a dragon to absorb his soul.

Check out the fan made short film below. The CGI dragon alone makes the entire video worth watching. Throw in some aerial shots of the dragon flying and some intense flames (because fire makes everything cooler) and you've got a pretty entertaining Skyrim fan film.

I wish I had the talent to make a fan film of as high of quality as we've been seeing come out of the fan films. I remember the days of Party City costumes and ketchup used for blood in fan-made films. Now it seems indie film directors are taking a page out of George Lucas and Michael Bay's co-written book, "How to Use CGI for Everything". Nevertheless, the video is fantastic and props to Tom Antos and the entire crew.

Tom Antos is known for his high quality short films. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter.



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