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Exploring and completing missions in Old Russia in the Destiny Public Alpha

We showed you what it's like in the non-combat hub area of Destiny, The Tower, and now let's set foot back on Earth and explore Old Russia and complete a mission for Peter Dinklage Ghost, our AI companion flying cube thing.

Right off the bat, I can say that Destiny sure feels like playing a prettier and less humorous Borderlands. Numbers fly off enemies as soon as bullets hit them, you'll score critical hits, use special class skills and gain XP to level up. Aesthetically though, the game certainly draws inspiration from a few sources. I can definitely see hints of Halo, since this is after all, Bungie, but it also reminds me a lot of Mass Effect, specifically a lot of the armor sets. The co-operative play of Fireteams I can easily equate to the likes of Warframe, which also focuses on four players working together to take down swarms of enemies while trying to complete a secondary goal.

Old Russia is the only area accessible in the Alpha, but it's certainly big enough to get a lot of enjoyment out of it. There are numerous smaller missions available to pick up while exploring.

Make sure to stay tuned for more videos from the Destiny Public Alpha.

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