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Exlusive Look at the New Elsword Character


For those of you unfamiliar with the free-to-play game, Elsword, it is a 2D fantasy MMORPG side-scroller. Players can work with other players to clear stages in this anime inspired action oriented beat ‘em up that relies heavily on style and combos. The game has three playable characters/archetypes: Elsword, a master swordsman; Aisha, a mage; and Rena, a trained marksman. The Elsword community is about to get an addition to their lineup with the addition of Raven.

Elsword Raven OverTaker03

New character, Raven, with his Nasod arm and blade.

Raven is a 24-year-old male. He is a human fighter reborn with Nasod improvements. His left arm is a Nasod arm and his right arm wields a blade. Raven is a melee fighter that is an expert in close-quarters combat. He clobbers enemies with his Nasod arm and wards them off with his swift blade skills.

Elsword Raven ShockWave03

Raven's ShockWave skill.

Raven's personality is quiet, cold, and distant. There is good reason for that, however. He looks more badass than the other characters, and for a good reason—his background story is much more gritty. Raven has a thirst for vengeance due to a heinous betrayal by the Kingdom of Velder's nobility. As a citizen of the Kingdom of Velder, Raven worked hard to become Head Captain of the Mercenary Knights.

Elsword Raven SwordTaker03

The many badass looks of Raven.

Being a commoner in such a high-ranking position, he has caused jealousy among the nobles, who then conspired to frame him. His friends, colleagues, and fiancee lost their lives in a failed attempt to rescue him from prison. With a scarred body and wounded soul, Raven was prepared to meet the afterlife.

Elsword Raven BloodyAccel01

You'd have scars all over your body too if you had an arm with giant metal claws on it.

Then, the Nasod King's messenger relayed an offer he couldn't refuse—a rebirth with new powers and a mission. It was to rebel against Velder Kingdom and the very people that took away everything he ever loved. Reborn with a Nasod arm and a blade on the right hand, he fought to destroy the last thing that had meaning to him. That is, until he met a crew of young, ambitious heroes that reminded him of his duty to protect the people to whom he once pledged his allegiance. He decided to join Elsword and his friends on a new life adventure to find the El.

Elsword Raven Nuclear01

Why would anyone betray and frame a man that can set off nuclear blasts at will?

Raven definitely has an awesome background story. The character design is gorgeous, and the animations of his skills really gives the player a sense of the power you can wield. He is a welcome addition to a fun, fast-paced, side-scrolling, beat 'em up MMORPG.

Elsword Raven Maximum Cannon 02

Another one of Raven's skills, Maximum Cannon.

Interested in playing Elsword? Try the new character, Raven, by downloading the Elsword Game Client.

Watch the Elsword 'Raven Reveal' Trailer

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