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PlayStation Now is officially unveiling its Public Beta on July 31st, but you can win yourself a code next Friday, which will get you into the program a whole month early. Exciting right?

For those who aren't sure what PlayStation Now is, it's a program that allows users to play streamed games to any of their Sony consoles, be it the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or Vita. That means you'll be playing games like The Last of Us on your PS4, without the need of a disc. At this moment in the beta, the games are free, but will need to be rented once the program goes live.

Participating is super easy. Just do any or all of the following Actions on our contest widget, and then cross your fingers and hope you win. The more Actions you perform, the better chance you have at winning. Also, you can come back everyday to share the contest on Facebook and Twitter for even more entries!

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