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Elder Scrolls Online Tips and Tricks: General information

Elder Scrolls Online Tips and Tricks: General information

Welcome to an Elder Scrolls Online edition of Tips and Tricks, where we are here to help make your Elder Scrolls Online experience an enjoyable one.

One of my issues with the betas for ESO was a general lack of intuitiveness. There are a lot of really good things in the game but you’re not always quite aware of them. I’ve seen many questions asked that, in hindsight, have super obvious answers. We here at GameZone are ready to help answer some of those questions. Today, we’re going to discuss some general information that can prove to be quite valuable to your playing experience.

I wish fast travelling wasn’t so expensive

Actually, it’s not. If you’re just fast travelling from various points on a map to a wayshrine, it will cost you, sure. If you travel directly from one wayshrine to another, however, it’s completely free. Hopefully you’ve read this before dumping hundreds of gold into the fast travel system. If not, you have my deepest condolences.

I wish this game had a dungeon finder

It does, I promise you. While many attribute the downfall of World of Warcraft to the LFG tool, there’s no denying how incredibly handy it is. We don’t always have friends ready to run instanced dungeons. For whatever reason, though, other games haven’t always included such a tool at launch. Elder Scrolls Online does, but many people seem to be unaware about it. That’s because it’s kind of buried in menus. In order to access, pull up your party tab (p) and click the magnifying glass to enter the search panel. There, you can find groups for dungeons, world events, and even Alliance Wars.

Where’s the NPC that lets me re-spec skills?

That’s technically a trick question. There is no NPC that allows you to reset your skill points. Instead, you’ll be doing them at shrines. It will cost you 100g per skill point and the location is dependant on your faction. If you’re in the Aldmeri Dominion, you’ll need to travel to Elden Root in rahtwood. If you’re a member of the Daggerfall Covenant, you’ll need to head to Wayrest in Stormhaven. If you’re a part of the Ebonheart Pact, you’re off to Mournhold in Deshaan.

But I’m just a low level character. Do I really have to walk there?

Absolutely not. Players can teleport to friends or guild members. You can do this by right clicking their name in the friends list or guild tab roster and selecting “teleport to player.” This will take you to the closest available wayshrine.

I really, really wish more MMOs used this ability; it’s beyond handy.

Where are mailboxes? I want to send mail!

There aren't any. You send mail by right clicking on a friend/guild mate and selecting the "send mail" option. 

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