Elder Scrolls Online Log #2 Supplement: Withdrawals from the PAX showfloor

The Elder Scrolls Online Screenshot - Elder Scrolls Online Log #2 Supplement – Withdrawls from the PAX showfloor

I’d be a lying man if I didn’t ask Bethesda reps to play Elder Scrolls Online at PAX. While this may seem like an innocent question, I was 100% serious. Every time I saw an Elder Scrolls jacket, emotions raced through my body. It wasn’t that I wanted to play, instead that I needed to. Sure, it didn’t help that I spent far too much time browsing r/ElderScrolls Online. And while my laptop is an absolute piece it crap, it could still probably run the game, though not as well as my desktop PC does.

Despite enjoying the sights and sounds of PAX East 2014, I was severely missing Elder Scrolls Online. It’s now the Wednesday after PAX and I’m still missing it. I should be playing, but nope, cancelled flights, delayed departures, and other obligations (telling you fine people what I thought about some of the hottest demos from the PAX show floor) are standing in my way. While I did get to enjoy the show, spending equal amounts of time with video game demos and in the tabletop area, I can't express how much I missesd playing Elder Scrolls Online. The fact that I'm that interested only a week after launch is a telling sign of the game's future. I'm not 100% sold just yet, but I'm absolutely involved. 

I did get to boot up the game recently, though, so I can take solace in the five or so minutes I spent in Tamriel playing (looking for screenshots, oh my goodness this is beyond torture). Still, it’s not the fix I need.

Here’s what I envision in my future: ordering Chinese takeout and spending about 18 or so hours not leaving my chair with the exception of having to use the restroom. Elder Scrolls Online is a game worth getting lost in and it’s pained me that I haven’t done that in seven long, painful days.

Oh, and listening to the game’s soundtrack on the car ride home was the icing on the torture cake. Though, I cannot tell a lie: the soundtrack is a thing of beauty.

Jake Valentine
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