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Eight game spin-offs inspired by Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon fan-made live-action movie trailer

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon took the heart of Far Cry 3 -- the awesome open-world gameplay -- and replaced the tropical plot with an 80s VHS vision of the future. It was so far out of left field that many assumed it was an April Fool’s joke. But here we are, Blood Dragon is real and awesome. Why stop there, though? Here are eight games that deserve the Blood Dragon treatment:

1) L.A. Noire: Cyberpunk Detective

LA Noire Cyberpunk Detective

The year is 2035 and private detective Jack Phelps is swamped in cases. A lung-clogging fog has descended on the slums of old LA and crime has run rampant. Solving crime isn’t like when his great grandfather was on the job. After all, how do you tell someone is lying when half their face is made of metal? Cyberpunk Detective offers ten new thrilling cases in a dark future city, bringing new challenges to the classic L.A. Noire gameplay.

2) The Walking Dead: Adventures in Babysitting

The Walking Dead Adventures in Babysitting

Inspired by the achievement of the same name, The Walking Dead: Adventures in Babysitting brings back your favorite cast members of Telltale’s award-winning game for a light-hearted comedy adventure. Doug has his hands full trying to babysit Clementine and Duck, juggling their antics with Larry the angry neighbor, and Molly, the girl down the road who he can’t stop thinking about. Can you help him make the right choices and save the day in this single-episode adventure?

3) Call of Duty: Lazer Tag

Call of Duty Lazer Tag

Lazer Tag just prestiged! Call of Duty: Lazer Tag combines the dark neon spectacle and fog machines of an American pastime with the epic shooter gameplay of Call of Duty. Take cover in four new maps: FunZone, LazerKingdom, Quazar, and ZapAttak! Unlock new perks including “Cover the Sensor”, “Pizza Break”, and “Wall Bounce.” Zombies return as well with a new area, Tom’s Play Palace, where four survivors must hold out against endless waves of small, pizza-starved children. Stay out of the ball pit or face the consequences!

4) Hitman: Secret Shopper

Hitman Secret Shopper

Super market sweep just got a lot more deadly. Hitman: Secret Shopper puts you in the role of Agent 88, a retired hitman looking for some simple part time work in a suburban town. Each mission takes you to a new locale where you must disguise yourself and seek out bad employees, thieves, and worse. Whether you’re protecting the mall or a grocery store, you’ll need to maintain a secret identity and dismiss the riffraff with your repertoire of deadly takedowns.

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