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E3 2014: Top five bold predictions from the GameZone team

E3 2014

E3 2014 is just a few short days away from melting our minds with new reveals and announcements. As always, GameZone will be in Los Angeles at the event providing you with coverage throughout the week. 

Counting down to Monday's press conferences and the expo's official start on Tuesday, we want to give you our top five bold predictions for the show from the team that will be bringing you coverage from the E3 show floor including editors Lance Liebl and Matt Liebl, and freelance contributors David Sanchez and myself. 

So sit back and read through our predictions, and be sure to comment below and tell us if we are on to anything or if the fumes from In-N-Out Burger are already getting to us! 

Lance Liebl's Top Five Bold Predictions: 

Lance GameZone1. Nintendo will show the new Zelda game for the Wii U

2. Kevin Spacey will make an appearance at an E3 press conference for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

3. Besides, Battlefront, a new Star Wars game will be announced and shown

4. Ubisoft will show a new game that will blow our minds with a launch date of Fall 2015, that will inevitably be delayed and look nothing like it does at this year’s E3

5. A new LittleBigPlanet for PlayStation 4 gets revealed

 Matt Liebl's Top Five Bold Predictions: 

Matt GameZone 1. The Last Guardian gets announced for PlayStation 4 with a trailer

2. Super Smash Bros. gets a solid release date for Wii U and 3DS

3. Tomb Raider 2 gets revealed

4. Sony announces an official PlayStation 4 and Vita bundle

5. Uncharted PlayStation 4 gameplay footage gets shown during Sony’s E3 press conference

 David Sanchez's Top Five Bold Predictions: 

1. New Zelda announcement for Wii UDavid GameZone

2. New Kirby announcement for Wii U (because heck yeah Kirby!)

3. X from Monolith Soft is playable on the show floor

4. Ubisoft reveals yet another new IP (thus ensuring that EVERYONE in Montreal is employed by Ubisoft)

5. New Paper Mario gets announced for Wii U (preferably a turn-based RPG)

 Tate Steinlage's Top Five Bold Predictions: 

Tate GameZone1. Grand Theft Auto 5 gets announced for PC and will be bundled in with the game's first DLC which will also be announced during E3

2. Halo 2: Anniversary gets announced at Microsoft's press conference 

3. Microsoft has a fantastic press conference that focuses on games

4. Wii U gets another price drop 

5. Microsoft announces a service similar to Nintendo that grants those who purchased the Xbox One within 100 days of release $30 for the Xbox Games Store

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