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Ducksauce is the best streamer on Twitch and you should watch him

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I watch a lot of different streams on Twitch.tv. Usually it's different League of Legends players, like Dyrus and Chaox. Lately, Hearthstone has found its way into the mix. But back when Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn launched -- and I wasn't able to play it due to work and/or server troubles -- I discovered the best stream on Twitch.


Morning Coffee with Ducksauce (the name of his morning stream) has become a regular routine for me, helping me get through the lull of the early work day. So what makes this stream so special?

Matthew Rhode is a star. This ripped, handsome giant of a man with a voice made of velvet (I'm married, by the way) is a striving actor that takes his personality to the internet as he streams video games -- namely World of Warcraft on his Hunter and FF14. He's genuine, transparent, and thankful for each and every subscriber he gets. And he really is appreciative -- feeling bad when he forgets to mention a donation he got, singing 'happy birthday' to his subs, and interacting with them in a way that makes you feel like you really know him.

His humor, willingness to troll a troll right back, and most of all humbleness is what makes this an amazing stream. His subscribers share in a close-knit community -- one that keeps Matthew's dream and pursuit of acting alive as he lives in New York City. Watch his stream long enough, and you're bound to hear the story of how he quit his job to pursue acting. He randomly bursts into song, plays "special" clips and videos, and imitates the Roccat one-thousand six-hundred DPI voice. And then there's his puppy, who constantly is on-screen with its own cam. Also, the music he plays is awesome, and I personally owe him a thank you for introducing me to group Bad Rabbits. For those of you interested in his acting, here's an example...

If you're interested in watching this highly entertaining stream, he broadcasts every morning at 10 am EST and 7 pm on Thursday nights. You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram and check out all of the subscriber perks you get on Twitch

Matthew, thanks for entertaining. I don't want to be a d*ck, so I'll go subscribe now. 

congratulations! your'e a dick

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