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Dragon Ball Xenoverse's new character revealed? We speculate his identity

New character

Being a Dragon Ball Z fan, it's easy to see why Dragon Ball Xenoverse has me excited. Aside from it being the first Dragon Ball game to grace the new consoles, Bandai has also hinted at a new character that will take part of many historical battles, affecting the Dragon Ball timeline in the process.

During the reveal, all we got to see was the new character's back/side view, showing us he's wearing a scouter, and an outfit with the Capsule Corp logo. But what if this character isn't quite 'new,' and it's Bandai's way of misdirecting gamers. I have a theory that Dragon Ball Xenoverse's mystical character is none other than Gohan, albeit one from the far future. However, since his identity hasn't been confirmed, I will refer to him as Future Warrior for the time being.

So let's start out with the physical appearance of Future Warrior. Since he's wearing the Capsule Corp. logo, it's safe to assume that he's one of the good guys, or, a Z Warrior if you will. Also, aside from Piccolo, Gohan was the only Z Warrior to sport a cape multiple times in his life. Teen Gohan wore a cape to honor his mentor and teacher, Piccolo, and later in his young adult stage, Gohan wore a cape when he disguised himself as the Great Saiyaman.

Another pretty important feature to notice is the red hair. If this is in fact Gohan, and not a new red-haired protagonist, then that means he was able to ascend to Super Saiyan God form. Once again, historically speaking, it would make sense that Gohan would be the second to achieve this form right after his father from the latest movie, Battle of the Gods. Especially considering that Gohan was the first to achieve Super Saiyan level 2 during the Cell Saga.

Trunks Conversation

Here we see Future Warrior conversing with Trunks. We can also assume this is a friendly conversation due to several key points. First and foremost, the proximity. They're pretty close to each other. A few feet close actually. Generally, in Dragon Ball Z, if characters are enemies, they either yell at each from a distance before engaging in combat, or they're throwing high speed punches when just a few feet apart. Also, Trunks' face seems to be showing a slight smile, and if history is any indication, it would make sense that these two characters would be friends, considering Gohan, in his adult years, was a mentor to young Trunks.

So what about his skillset? There are two particular screenshots, one which shows him charging a Kamehameha, and the other, which we'll focus on and can be seen below, shooting a Special Beam Cannon. Why is that important? Aside from Piccolo and Cell, who was made up of cells from all the Z Warriors, Gohan was the only one that actually used this attack in the series. Specifically Future Gohan from the History of Trunks movie. Since Gohan was a Piccolo's student in his younger years, it would make sense that he'd eventually learn and be able to utilize this move himself.

Special Beam Cannon

So far, all we've seen are screenshots from the side or back, never fully revealing his face, but low and behold, there exists such a screenshot.

The screen below shows Future Warrior defending a young Gohan from a downed Piccolo on Namek. When compared to a screen of Adult Gohan, there are certainly some similarities, most notably with his hair. As for the Scouter? I can only assume that he might be wearing it to disguise his face. If Superman can put on a pair of glasses to become Clark Kent, the mild mannered newspaper reporter, then a Future Gohan could do the same with a Scouter.


But there is another important fact that this screenshot represents, and that's time travel. Going back to the screenshot above where Future Warrior is talking with Trunks, it would make sense that they're conversing about Trunks' time machine, which Trunks utilized to go back in time, destroy a rebuilt Frieza and ultimately save Goku from a deadly virus. It looks like Future Warrior is utilizing a time machine to travel to various key points in the DBZ timeline, and actively participating to change some sort of horrible future.

Of course, this is all just speculation at this point. Until Bandai Namco reveals the true identity of this new character, that's all we have to go on, but given the facts presented here, I have a feeling that I'm on the right track.

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