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Dr. David's Indie Roundup: Gods Will Be Watching, N++, Nova-111, and Swords & Solders 2


It's the weekend, which means it's a good time to catch up on some indie gaming news and get stoked about new and upcoming titles. This time on the Indie Roundup, we've got big announcements about a promising title previously featured on the Indie Spotlight. We have news regarding a PlayStation 4 release. We're also taking a look at what devs formerly behind the PixelJunk series are currently working on. And what's Ronimo Games up to as of late? Quite a bit, actually.

Let's talk indie games!

Watch out for Gods Will Be Watching in June

Gods Will Be Watching - PC

Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Deconstructeam are readying Gods Will Be Watching for release in June. After first hitting the scene as a Ludum Dare project, the studio figured it would make for a good title if it were to be expanded a bit. As such, the game has evolved into what could potentially be an intense, thought-provoking adventure game that Deconstructeam calls a “moral puzzler.”

Gods Will Be Watching is heavy on decision-making, forcing you to make tough calls as part of a group of characters, all the while being watched and judged by the titular gods. The game's title is still shrouded in mystery, but according to the dev, it will be relevant to everything that goes on as you play.

You can play Gods Will Be Watching at PAX East and Rezzed. If you're not attending those events, you can pre-order your copy on the game's official website for $8.99. The title will also be available on Steam, GOG.com, and The Humble Store.

For an inside look, check out our interview with Deconstructeam.

PS4 exclusive N++ looks like a hell of a platformer

N++ - PS4

On a recent PlayStation Blog entry, Metanet discussed its upcoming 2D platformer N++, which is slated for launch exclusively on the PlayStation 4. The game features fast-paced run-and-jump gameplay, crazy explosions, and even puzzle elements, offering up a varied and hectic experience. Those who played the original N and then N+ will be instantly familiar with the series' brand of stylish, fluid platforming.

In addition to the main single-player mode, N++ also includes a few multiplayer modes. Two players can work together in co-op mode, meanwhile race and deathmatch modes allow up to four players to take each other on. As if all of these modes weren't enough, N++ will boast over 1,000 levels, leaderboards, and a level editor.

While only a PlayStation 4 version has been confirmed, Metanet has stated that a Vita version could happen if the game is successful and turns out as planned.

Check out the latest teaser for N++ below.

Nova-111 is a turn-based/real-time hybrid from former PixelJunk devs

Nova-111 - PC

Funktronic Labs, which consists of ex-PixelJunk devs, is currently toiling away on an upcoming project titled Nova-111 that blends turn-based and real-time gameplay. It certainly sounds a bit confusing, but the trailer below does a good job of illustrating the action. You fly a tiny vessel across sci-fi environments, battle enemy alien forces, and solve puzzles to progress.

Visually, Nova-111 has an inherent charm to it. The sci-fi setting is brilliantly colorful, sporting a smooth, pastel look to it that's undeniably stylish. If you're a fan of the PixelJunk games, and even if you've never played them before, this upcoming endeavor is definitely promising.

Nova-111 is due out for the PC, Mac, and Linux this year.

Swords & Soldiers 2 will be a Wii U exclusive

Swords & Soldiers 2 - Wii U

Well, at first, anyway. Folks who played the original Swords & Soldiers likely remember that in addition to the WiiWare version, several other platforms got a taste of the fast-paced, intuitive 2D RTS action that this series offers up. So yeah, while Swords & Soldiers 2 will definitely launch on the Wii U, I think it's safe to assume that it'll eventually be available on most other digital platforms.

While the details are currently under wraps, developer Ronimo Games did release a nice little teaser. If you're new to the series, it probably won't make much sense, but in the grand scheme of things (regarding Swords & Soldiers 2, at least), that makes the most sense in the world. Check out the teaser below.

In addition to this announcement, Ronimo is also prepping for the launch of Awesomenauts Assemble! on the PlayStation 4. Yay for 2D MOBA wackiness! The enhanced remake is due out on the PlayStation Network on March 4.

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