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Dr. David's Indie Roundup: Blood of the Werewolf, Lone Survivor, Slender: The Arrival, and more


The Halloween spirit is in full force here on the Indie Roundup. After all, it's October, so it only makes sense that we check out a few titles that are a bit on the spooky side. Hell, a couple of them are just downright creepy. Of course, if you don't fancy being scared (shame on you, by the way), you don't have to worry, because we're also going to take a look at some non-Halloween-centric games that are sure to trigger the indie-loving pleasure centers of your brain.

So let's see what the latest is and talk indie games!

Blood of the Werewolf claws its way to Steam next week

Blood of the Werewolf

Just in time for Halloween, Blood of the Werewolf from publisher Midnight City and developer Scientifically Proven will arrive on Steam beginning October 28. The game features tough 2D platforming reminiscent of old school titles from the NES era. If you're a fan of challenging retro-style games, you may want to keep an eye out for Blood of the Werewolf as it looks especially difficult.

The game stars classic horror film monsters including Frankenstein, Dracula, and Hyde. You must guide a werewolf named Selena through countless perils, taking out monsters, avenging her murdered husband, and finding her kidnapped son. In true werewolf fashion, Selena will shift between her human and beast forms depending on whether there's a full moon, adding a different layer to the game based on which form she takes.

Blood of the Werewolf will be available for $9.99 next week. In the meantime, check out the game's Steam page.

Dejobaan's Elegy for a Dead World is a shift in a more serious direction

Elegy for a Dead World

If we know anything about Dejobaan here at GameZone (and I think we kind of do), it's that this studio is into creating weirdly titled games and offbeat experiences. AaAaAA!, 1...2...3... KICK IT! (Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby), and Drunken Robot Pornography are highly indicative of that, but they also prove that the developer likes to constantly keep busy with promising projects. Elegy for a Dead World is another intriguing endeavor from Dejobaan, but it's nothing like the studio's previous work. You can tell from the title that this is a different kind of game, and according to Dejobaan CEO Ichiro Lambe, it marks a more experimental shift.

Inspired by English Romantic poetry, Elegy is about entering a world and creating a story around it. You write the history behind the lands you visit by jotting down notes, maybe writing a song or poem, or possibly just sharing your thoughts. These writings are kept in your journal in-game and are then sent to Homeworld, or the Steam Workshop, for other players to check out. It's a unique gameplay component that's totally thought-provoking.

For more on Elegy, be sure to check out IndieGames' post, where Lambe shared some insight on the upcoming game, and watch the trailer below for a glimpse into this mysterious world.

Heart Forth, Alicia harkens back to the days of pixelated RPGs

Heart Forth, Alicia

It's possible that you've never heard of Heart Forth, Alicia, and that's okay, because you're hearing about it now. Surprisingly, the game's been in development for six years. Conceived in 2007, the RPG from creator Alonso Martin is still very much in development. That's great news, because the game looks quite lovely, sporting a sweet pixelated art style that's reminiscent of classic RPGs.

There's still no exact word on when Heart Forth, Alicia will launch, but as is often the case with smaller endeavors like this, knowing that it's still a thing is always good news. Check out the game's official blog for more info and updates, as well as some screenshots. Seriously, that retro aesthetic just lends itself incredibly well to RPGs, doesn't it?

Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut infects PC on Halloween

Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut

Okay, so a few PC gaming folks were probably a bit disgruntled at the fact that the PlayStation Network got the enhanced Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut. Well, disgruntled no more you shall be, because Director's Cut you shall get! As announced by Jasper Byrne of Superflat Games, the title is being updated on the PC and Mac. Oh, and don't worry about having to buy the game again or anything like that, because the update will come free to anyone who already owns Lone Survivor on Steam.

Quite fittingly, The Director's Cut will appear on Steam beginning next week on October 31. That's Halloween, you guys! That means you can play this creepy game on quite possibly the most appropriate day.

Check out the Superflat blog to get the in-depth details straight from Byrne.

Slender: The Arrival is, um, arriving, to Steam on October 28

Slender: The Arrival

Blood of the Werewolf isn't the only Midnight City-published title coming to Steam next week on October 28. Slender: The Arrival will also make its presence felt on the digital download front, and it looks to deliver a chilling horror experience. After the success of the original Slender, developer Blue Isle Studios is looking to capture more of the frightening magic that made the first game so memorable.

Though it's still a week away, The Arrival has already garnered some positive reactions online from different media outlets. The game's ability to toss you into its mad environments and fill you with utter terror seems to make it a fine choice for horror fans. And hey, look at that, Halloween is just a few days later, so the game is coming right on time.

You can check out the Steam page for The Arrival and scope out some rad screenshots.

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