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Dr. David's Indie Roundup: A Hat in Time, Armikrog, Tenya Wanya Teens, and more


So many things are happening in the world of indie games as of late — awesome, exciting, delicious things. In today's Indie Roundup, we take a look at some of the major stories of the week in indie gaming. Aside from ports of great games and some cool updates to existing titles, we'll also take a look at some upcoming endeavors that just look absolutely brilliant. Also, Sony continues to push its support of the indie spectrum, this time with a brand new feature for the Vita. All that and more, blah, blah, blah. You get the idea. So let's get on with it and talk indie games!

A Hat in Time surpasses its Kickstarter ambitions and hits all stretch goals

A Hat in Time

It's always a feel-good moment when a potentially kickass Kickstarter project manages to reach its goal. It's even better when said kickass title successfully knocks off all of its stretch goals. Such is the case with A Hat in Time from developer Gears for Breakfast. The game harkens back to the awesome 3D platformers that were so prominent on the Nintendo 64, tasking you with collecting items as you run and jump around large environments. The visual style is reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, which is to say it's pretty damn gorgeous.

Check out A Hat in Time on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight.

Armikrog gets funded and reaches Wii U stretch goal — Long live claymation


It was unclear if Armikrog, from developer Pencil Test Studios and Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel, was going to reach its $90,000 Kickstarter goal. On the one hand, many titles have managed to squeeze out the necessary support within the last few hours of their campaigns. On the other hand, some truly wonderful games have missed their deadlines, which is actually a huge shame. That's why it's great to see that this spiritual successor to The Neverhood has hit its goal and is closer to being a realized project. Additionally, the Wii U stretch goal of $950,000 was also reached, which is great news for owners of Nintendo's current machine.

Check out Armikrog on Kickstarter.

Guacamelee DLC turns you into a chicken or a dead guy


Have you played Guacamelee yet? If not, you're doing it all wrong. Seriously, stop screwing around and go play this lovely gem of a Metroidvania adventure. Also, if you're interested, there's some DLC for the game that gives you access to three different costumes. The first is a chicken suit, aptly dubbed the Pollo Luchador, and though that's enough for me to want to buy it, I should also point out that this particular costume will grant player characters Juan and Tostada regenerating health. There's also the Skeleton suit, which gives you oodles of stamina to pull off insane moves. Last is the Identity Swap suit, which gives you weaker throws but much stronger hits.

The Guacamelee Costume Pack will run you $1.99 on the PlayStation Network.

Hotline Miami brings its neon flair and bloodlust to the PlayStation 3 and Vita

Hotline Miami

After achieving mass critical success on the PC, Hotline Miami has finally murdered its way to the PlayStation Network. The game is a Cross Play/Cross Buy title for the PlayStation 3 and Vita, so you can snag it and see all of the sexy neon goodness on your big screen TV or take the brutality on the go with you. Either way, if you've yet to play Hotline Miami and you own one or both of Sony's current platforms, now would be the time to stop depriving yourself of this pixelated kill-fest.

Stay tuned for our review of Hotline Miami on the PlayStation Network.

Limbo will tell its brooding tale on iOS beginning July 3


Easily one of the most beautifully dark indie games ever created, Limbo is now set to arrive on iOS platforms. After having sold over three million copies across the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Vita, PC, and Mac, the revered puzzle-platformer will soon be available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Admittedly, I would definitely implore you to play one of the other versions if you've yet to experience the amazing feelings of wonder that Limbo exudes when you're using a regular controller. That said, if you know someone who owns an iOS device and doesn't play too many games, perhaps you can recommend this one.

Limbo will be available for $4.99 on iOS platforms on July 3.

Retro City Rampage gets mod support and enhanced graphics option

Retro City Rampage

The modding community has gotten a real treat. The PC version of Retro City Rampage just received a new update that includes mod support rife with tools for fans to play around with. As if this game wasn't already insane enough, it's going to be a blast seeing what players do with these new options. Additionally, the new update includes enhanced graphics that don't change the look or vibe of the game significantly but certainly add some nice touches like shadows and more color.

Retro City Rampage is available now on Steam, GOG.com, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and WiiWare.

Indie Games section now available on the Vita PlayStation Network

Sony continues to support the indie scene, and the Vita is fast becoming the portable indie gaming device that it always had the potential to be. The PlayStation 3 received its own dedicated Indie Games category within the PlayStation Store, and now the Vita has received the feature, too. Note that indie titles won't be relegated to appearing solely on this channel. Instead, the new category just includes every indie game on the PlayStation Network in addition to their place alongside major releases, allowing you to scope out all indie content in one spot.

In addition to this announcement, Sony has revealed that over 50 games are currently in development for the Vita. Get hype!

Tenya Wanya Teens gameplay looks deliciously entertaining

As the lid continues to open ever so slowly on Tenya Wanya Teens, it's becoming more apparent that this game is something to be really stoked about. In development by Katamary Damacy creator Keita Takahashi, Wild Rumpus, and Venus Patrol, the game is a multiplayer offering with a lovely art style and quirky themes. I mean, you get to fart and stuff! The controller for Tenya Wanya Teens features 16 buttons and makes for some wild gameplay.

Check out the game in action in the video above, courtesy of VG247.

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