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Dr. David's Indie Roundup: A Good Snowman Is Hard to Build, Guacamelee, Ruah, and Sunless Sea


Just when you think you've seen all the new game reveals you could possibly hope to be stoked about, here come some new titles. This time on the Indie Roundup, we're going to jump into the world of hype and excitement once more to scope out two upcoming titles you may not have known about. There are also two freshly launched games that you might want to check out, so watch out for those, too. Finally, we've got the indie game review wrap-up, so you can see what's worth playing.

Let's get to it and talk indie games!

A Good Snowman Is Hard to Build gets a lovely teaser trailer

A Good Snowman Is Hard to Build

I've never built a snowman in my life, so I have no clue how difficult it is to do so. Just reading the title of A Good Snowman Is Hard to Build, however, makes it very apparent that it probably isn't a breeze putting together a good-looking man of snow. That said, the game itself looks pretty good, both in terms of its mechanics and its graphics.

Good Snowman puts you in the role of a monster. As said monster, you must create snowmen ... good snowmen. You do this by rolling big snowballs on a tile grid and piling them up on top of each other appropriately. The game seems to start off simple enough, but obstacles pop up later on that make it tougher to create your snowman. You can skip levels and play the game as you see fit, adding a more inviting sense of puzzle-solving to the experience.

You can check out Good Snowman on its official website. The game is in development by Alan Hazelden and Benjamin Davis, and its musical score is being handled by Ryan Roth. Check out the teaser trailer below.

Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition out now with luchador masks aplenty

Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition

Guacamelee makes me wish I had a rooster. It makes sense, then, that Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition makes me wish I had a rooster with antlers, steampunk goggles, and, I don't know, a giant claw on its back ... or something. The enhanced version of Drinkbox Studios' Metroidvania brawler has officially launched, adding all previous DLC, as well as more enemies, areas, abilities, and a new boss.

You can download the enhanced edition of Guacamelee on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and Wii U.

Ruah is a serene, minimalist experience about controlling the wind


A Berlin-based six-person team is currently hard at work on Ruah, an experimental, minimalist game where you control the wind. Aptly titled Team Ruah, the studio is a student group at the Games Academy in Berlin. Judging from the screenshots of Ruah, the developer is on the right path to creating an intriguing title worth folks' attention.

The game is presented in first-person perspective and allows you to travel through its lovingly crafted environments while controlling the wind. Wildlife inhabits the game world, and seasons change as you play along, creating a dynamic set of environments that actively change the more you play.

Originally, Ruah was influenced by Pokemon Snap and would feature picture-taking gameplay. There were also going to be dinosaurs. Don't worry, though; even though the dinos have been scrapped, there will still be plenty of diverse creatures roaming the land. I can imagine discovering new animals and watching as the seasons change being a truly awesome experience. This is especially true considering how great the current screenshots look.

Ruah has a clean polygonal look with subdued colors and simple environmental designs. It's a visual style we don't see often, which makes this particular game stand out quite well. Personally, I can't wait to see more of it.

You can get the latest news on Ruah via the TIGSource Forums page and the Team Ruah Twitter.

Will you succumb to insanity and cannibalism in Sunless Sea?

Sunless Sea

The small team at Failbetter Games recently launched its exploratory survival strategy game Sunless Sea. The game puts you in charge of a steamship and tasks you with searching the seas and several towns in search of riches. Of course, this isn't some happy-go-lucky pirate's tale. Sunless Sea is all about survival — by any means necessary. In order to make it, you may need to resort to cannibalism. If you stray too far off the beaten path, you and your crew could potentially go insane. It's a somewhat different take on crew-based strategy.

True to its name, Sunless Sea is a dark and brooding game. The game features top-down 2D visuals, creating something of a surreal, abstract experience. Judging from the trailer on Steam, the game looks a bit slow-paced, though that could be due to all of the sailing you do.

Sunless Sea is currently in its Early Access stages, and it's available for $18.99. According to Failbetter, the game's full launch should occur within the next three or four months.

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