Dota 2 Championship Live Stream & New Screenshots

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The Dota 2 hype is in full effect. You can currently watch a live stream of the Dota 2 International Championships below. I've never played Dota, but I'm an avid League of Legends enthusiast. I'm watching the livestream, and I'm absolutely captivated. The game looks intense. While a bit confusing, since I don't know the characters and their abilities, I must say, the game looks gorgeous. The particle effects, character models, and environment all have a high amount of detail.

In the meantime, screenshots are beginning to trickle out, so here's a couple that will whet your palette while you wait for matches to begin.

DOTA 2 character leak

You can see some of the characters for both sides, Radiant and Dire. They are broken up into three groups: strength, agility, and intelligence.

Dota screenshot 1
Sooooooo pretty.

Dota screenshot 2
Dota screenshot 3
The effects on his sword, the hud, and just everything about the game makes me want to fap fap fap.

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