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Don't Starve Cheats: Tips for beginners and surviving your first night

Don't Starve - crafting and surviving

Don't Starve is an unforgiving survival/exploration game that doesn't tell you what to do or hold your hand. As such, there's some basics that will help you when you first start playing.

Here's some tips for beginners and surviving your first night:

  • As soon as you start, you want to begin exploring and finding items that you'll need to survive your first night.
  • You need to build a campfire for your first night or you will die!
  • Begin by gathering supplies like flint, grass, twigs, berries and seeds. Priority should be on Flint and Twigs because they are needed to craft an axe (1 twig, 1 flint).
  • Once you have an axe, start chopping down trees and cutting grass to make a Campfire (requires 2 logs, 3 cut grass).
  • Craft a backpack when you can (requires 4 cut grass, 4 twigs) because it gives you 8 more inventory spots. 
  • Find berries and carrots for your first night so you have food, but continue to pick up the previously mentioned items.
  • At dusk, you have about a minute to settle down and build your campfire.
  • Cook your food before you eat it. It will give you more benefits and fill you up more.
  • If you don't eat, you will starve and die.
  • Campfires require maintenance through the night by adding fuel to the fire. Don't overdo it or the fire could spread to the surrounding grass and trees. But set up your campfire where there are trees nearby so you can chop them down during the night.
  • Stay close to fire so you don't lose Sanity.
  • Never travel without enough materials for a campfire.
  • Picking flowers restores +5 sanity. Save up 12 flowers and you can construct a flower hat. 
  • Bees, pigs and Beefalos are neutral creatures and will not attacked unless provoked. 
  • Don't attack spiders or spider dens; it will aggro all the spiders in the den and is dangerous for beginners.
  • Don't attack Beefalos or Pigs; they are good sources of manure, which is used for fertilizing planted crops and creating farms. 
  • If you want to attack monsters, make sure you have a Log Suit (requires 8 logs and 2 ropes to craft).
  • Build your base near pigs or Beefalos.
  • Science Machine lets you prototypes tier 1 science items, unlocking their recipes so you can craft them when you have the required materials. 

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