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Don't Starve Cheats: Playable characters breakdown, abilities, and how to unlock them


There are several characters you can play as in Don't Starve, the survival/exploration game for PC and PlayStation 4. You start the game as Wilson and unlock the rest of the characters with XP, which you get by surviving days in the game. Each characters has different perks/abilities.

Wilson, The Gentleman Scientist

don't starve wilson

  • Health- 100
  • Hunger- 150
  • Sanity- 200
  • Perk: Grows a magnificent beard

Wilson is the only character who can grow a beard. Shaving his beard will produce beard hairs, which are needed to craft a Meat Effigy. A Meat Effigy is an item that will revive the player upon death. It requires 4 Boards, 4 Cooked Meat and 4 Beard Hair to craft.

Willow, The Firestarter

don't starve willow

  • Health- 100
  • Hunger- 150
  • Sanity- 120
  • Perk: Immune to fire damage. Starts fires in the dark. 
  • 160 XP to unlock

Starting fire in the dark makes her immune to the shadow monster that attacks in pitch black. She starts with a lighter in her inventory, which is basically a Torch with infinite durability but a lower light radius. It can be used to set objects on fire. She has lower sanity, but regains her sanity when near a fire. 

Wolfgang, The Strongman

don't starve wolfgang

  • Health- 150-300
  • Hunger- 300
  • Sanity- 200
  • Perk: Higher health, bigger stomach. Hits Harder.
  • 320 XP to unlock

Wolfgang does higher damage in melee combat and has more health, giving him an advantage when fighting monsters. He has a starting stomach of 200 and a max of 300, but his hunger decreases faster or slower depending on how full he is. He also loses Sanity 10% quicker than other characters when in the dark or near hostile mobs. Wolfgang also changes form depending on how full his is. He is in Mighty form when above 225 hunger, giving him more damage and health, but decreases his hunger 3x faster. 

Wendy, The Bereaved

don't starve wendy

  • Health- 100
  • Hunger- 150
  • Sanity- 200
  • Perk: Has a visitor at night.
  • 640 XP to unlock

Wendy summons her dead sister Abigail by starting with Abigail's Flower in her inventory. Place it on the ground and Abigail will be summoned. It requires a blood sacrifice -- killing a creature near the flower. Cooldown time on the flower is 2-4 full days. Wendy has weaker attacks to balance out a 25% less sanity drain from darkness and creatures that cause a passive sanity drain. 

WX-78, The Soulless Automation

don't starve wx-78

  • Health- 100-400
  • Hunger- 100-200
  • Sanity- 100-300
  • Perk: Can eat spoiling food with no penalty.
  • 960 XP to unlock

WX-78 can eat stale and spoiled food without health or hunger penalties. But, since he's a robot, he takes damage in the rain. He also has two special powers. The first is System Overload, which is activated by being struck by lightning. It gives him a speed boost, emits a small amount of light, and will instantly restore his health, but he will lose 33 sanity when struck. The second power is Upgrading, which allows WX-78 to upgrade by consuming gears, increasing his maximum sanity, health and hunger.

Wickerbottom, The Librarian

don't starve wickerbottom

  • Health- 100
  • Hunger- 150
  • Sanity- 250
  • Perk: Gets a bonus tech level.
  • 1280 XP to unlock

She can prototype all Science Machine recipes without having to build the Science Machine. She suffers from insomnia and can't sleep in a tent, bed roll or fur roll, and she receives a larger sanity loss when consuming spoiled foods, so other means of sanity regeneration are required.

Wes, The Silent

don't starve wes

  • Health- 113
  • Hunger- 113
  • Sanity- 150
  • Perk: Can't talk. Has trouble staying alive.
  • Unlocked in adventure mode when a random structure appears that requires you to defeat monsters.

His hunger drains faster and he's not good at anything. His special power is that he starts with a Pile o' Balloons in his inventory; they can be used to blow up a balloon at the cost of 5 sanity/balloon. When a balloon is attacked, it explodes and does 5 damage. 

Woodie, The Lumberjack

don't starve woodie

  • Health- 150
  • Hunger- 150
  • Sanity- 200
  • Perk: Has a lovely axe. Has a terrible secret.
  • 1600 XP to unlock

He has Lucy the Axe in his starting inventory, which has infinity durability, chops down trees faster and talks to Woodie. If Woodie chops down too many trees in a short period of time or if it is a full moon, he will transform into a Werebeaver. In this form, the map will be unavailable, the HUD will disappear and be replaced with a Log Meter. The Log Meter decays 2 points every 2.5 seconds. Keep the meter up by consuming logs, boards, bushes, saplings, grass tufts, twigs, pine cones and cut grass. The Werebeaver drops all items upon transformation. When the meter reaches 0, Woodie will spawn in the same spot with 50 health, hunger and sanity. Mobs aggressive to the Werebeaver will remain in place in aggressive towards Woodie.

Maxwell, The Puppet Master

don't starve maxwell

  • Health- 75
  • Hunger- 150
  • Sanity- 200
  • Perk: Is dapper but frail. Can fragment his mind. Brings his own sword.
  • Unlocked by completing adventure mode.

Lower health but sanity increases 20/min because he has such dapper style. Starts with a Dark Sword, Night Armor, 1 purple gem and 4 nightmare fuel. Also starts with the book, The Codex Umbra, which lets him fragment his mind. A shadow puppet with the silhouette of Maxwell appears when reading. Using the book costs 15 health and 2 Nightmare Fuel. Player may have up to 3 puppets; they live up to 2.5 days before dying; they will aid him in combat and assist him in mining and chopping down trees. 

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