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Don’t Starve: Cheat codes

Don't Starve - Wilson surviving

Ahh, here is some good old fashioned PC cheating in the modern day. When was the last time you just you created a Notepad file for the purposes of hacking a game? Has it been THAT long? Well then, I have some good news for you Don’t Starve players out there. We’re kicking it old school to make your experience all that much easier. Due to the nature of setup, these codes only work on the PC version.


Sorry cheaters, you’ll have to put in a very little amount of work to get these cheat codes to work – nothing difficult though. Start by finding the folder “Dokumenty\Klei\DoNotStarve”. Once there, you’re going to want to find the file called “settings.ini”. Create a Notepad file, open it, then use it to open the settings file. With all of the other script, simply add the line “Zapisz”

Now once you’re in the game, press the toggle button, that’s this guy “`” (found to the left of the ‘1’ key). This will bring up the console bar. Just type in the codes found below and follow through with pressing enter to confirm. Voilà! Now you’re on your way to become a full-fledged cheater.

  • Find the Dokumenty\Klei\DoNotStarve” folder
  • Find the “settings.ini” file
  • Create and open a Notepad file. 
  • Use Notepad file to open “settings.ini”
  • Add the line "“Zapisz” inside the file
  • In game, press the ` button to bring up the Console to add the codes

Get all Schemata


This both grants you all available schemata in game and allows you to just make them without the requirements.

God Mode


Become invincible and laugh at death.

Maximum Fitness Level


This puts you in as prime as shape as possible.

Normal Sanity Level


This grants you maximized sanity. Note: if you were already showing symptoms of insanity, this code does NOT remove them.

Stop Hunger


Your hunger level will now decrease instead of increase.

Uncover the Entire Map

minimap = TheSim:FindFirstEntityWithTag("minimap")

This is a two parter, start with the above code then follow through with the one below:

minimap.MiniMap:ShowArea(0,0,0, 10000)

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