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DmC Devil May Cry Walkthrough | Mission 10 - Bad News

Mission 10 - Bad News

Phineas sees Dante's potential and reveals a secret to him which will help Dante take Mundus down. Lilith carries Mundus' son, who is also his heir. Phineas asks Dante to kill Lilith and the baby.

This rest of the mission involves infiltrating the tower and taking down Bob Barbas. This boss fight is one of the most unique in the entire game. It's once again a boss fight that goes through multiple phases. Each phase requires you to smash down on certain platforms with the Devil fists equipped. This will stun Bob leaving him open to attack.

Each time one of his health bars is depleted, Dante will get transported to a televised location where he must defeat waves of enemies. This is by far the coolest part of the boss fight as Bob Barbas narrates his propaganda against Dante.

Right before we reach Bob's last health bar, he shows Dante a newscast where Kat and Vergil's hideout is being stormed by a SWAT team. This of course doesn't make our young Nephilim very happy, so it's time to kill Bob once and for all.

Once Bob is dead, Dante acquires a new Angelic weapon, the Aquila.

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