DmC Devil May Cry Walkthrough | Mission 08 - Eyeless

Mission 08 - Eyeless

Phineas tasked us with retrieving his eye, in exchange for his help to reach the tower where Bob Barbas resides. The first part of this mission relies heavily on your Angel pull, as you'll have to follow the Harpies through the demonic subway system.

Once you get to the actual subway tracks, stay mindful of the alerts when an incoming train is coming. You'll notice the visual cue on the top of the screen thanks to the lights. Whenever they turn red, run to the opposite side of the track where the light is still green.

Once his eye is acquired, Dante must make his way back out of the subway system, while of course, killing any demons on the way. Once Dante reaches Phineas and gives him the eye, he agrees to help us.

We learn that Phineas knew Sparda, Dante's father, and is a demon himself. Since he is a political prisoner of Mundus, he wants nothing more than for Dante to bring him down.

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