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DmC Devil May Cry Walkthrough | Mission 06 - Secret Ingredient

Mission 06 - Secret Ingredient

After a bit of platforming, it's time to take on the Succubus, also known as the secret ingredient to the popular soda known as Virility. The boss might look daunting but she's actually quite easy to take down.

It's all about remembering when to strike and when flee to another platform. The Succubus will swipe and strike. After each of those, it will leave its weak area exposed, allowing you to weaken it. When the Succubus pulls back, exposing its weak spot, that's the indicator that it's about to spew acid all over the floor. In this case, you need to use your Heavenly pull and swing over to another platform to avoid serious damage.

When its first health bar is depleted, you'll have to demon pull one of its attachments to its body out. Much of the fight remains the same in the second healthbar, except that occasionally the Succubus will attempt to blow you away off the platform. Again, once its bar is depleted, you'll once again have to Demon pull it out, but first you have to swing over to the adjacent platform.

Once this is done, the Succubus isn't that powerful by this point. Once you pull the Succubus out, it doesn't quite die yet. You still have to jump down and use your Demon and Angel pull to push the Succubus into a large fan.

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