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DmC Devil May Cry Walkthrough | Mission 03 - Bloodline

Mission 03 - Bloodline

This mission teaches us about the Nephilim, which are the spawn of a union between Angels and Demons. Both Dante and Vergil are Nephilim.

Dante gets pulled into Limbo and its time to kick some more ass. This level introduces the Raveger enemy which wields a giant chainsaw. These guys can get do some damage, so it's always important to dodge out of their way when they charge at you with their chainsaws.

As we make our way through the leve, we get pulled into yet another state of Limbo where we learn the new Angel Boost move. With this ability, Dante is able to reach further distances by dashing through the air.

The rest of the level plays out in the town's square with multiple hoards of enemies spawning around Dante. Dispatch these with ease and the level is complete.

We then learn about the soda drink called Virility, which is demon spiked drink which keeps humans docile.

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