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DmC Devil May Cry Walkthrough | Mission 01 - Found

Dante is back in a complete reboot of the series from developer Ninja Theory. Long gone are the days of white hair, but the bad ass attitude, insane combos and hordes of demons to kill are still here. Join us as we walk you through each mission, and find out the origins of our favorite Son of Sparda.

Mission 01 - Found

Here we get introduced to a young Dante, as well as the main antagonist. The entire first level takes place at a hellish carnival in the state of Limbo. This is also where we meet Kat, a member of The Order who warns Dante of an impending Hunter attack.

Much of this mission is quite straightforward. We get introduced to the combat and combo mechanics, using Dante's sword and guns. We also learn that Limbo is an alternate world beyond ours where demons and hellspawn flourish. This is where a bulk of the game takes place.

This is also where the first Boss fight takes place. The Hunter is a fairly easy enemy, and his weakness is located on his face. He eventually jumps away and will attempt to grapple you from afar. To knock him down, keep on shooting him and make sure to dodge his grapples. He will eventually jump back down and can be once again fully damaged by more sword combos to his face. Once he's weakened, he'll fall over, allowing a constant barrage of attacks to his weak spot, ending the fight in your victory.

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