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DmC Devil May Cry Key Location Guide - Mission #1 'Found'


Scattered throughout DmC Devil May Cry are hidden "Argent Keys." There are four types of these Argent keys; copper, argent, gold and ivory. Each of these four types of keys open up a corresponding secret door in every mission of the game. In turn, these secret doors lead to bonus secret missions. This guide only focuses on the location of the Argent keys -- more specifically, the location of the key in Mission #1, titled "Found".

Mission #1 'Found' Hidden Keys

There is only one hidden key in this mission. After you find your first lost soul, turn left. 

DmC Devil May Cry hidden key - mission 1

Jump across a few floating platforms and they will lead you to the key.

DmC Devil May Cry hidden key - mission 1

DmC Devil May Cry hidden key - mission 1

Congratulations you have found the Copper Key in Mission 1 "Found". Continue to Mission #2.

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