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Diablo III In-Depth Walkthrough | FAQ


Welcome to the world of Hell Spawn - Sanctuary; A place where doom and evil lurks around every corner and where you face evil at every step you take. Join us as we vanquish - yet again, the lord of destruction and his hellspawn. This guide documents our quest to find items and equipment of rare and great power and the will and might to face and defeat every form of evil in Sanctuary and the resilience to earn every point of XP and to pick up every coin of gold the damned world of Sanctuary has to offer throughout the four acts of the game.

We at Gamezone have taken extra care to mention the locations of all the Legendary equipment so that you can trade them in the Auction House  - for real money - so follow the guide carefully and leave a comment if you want to thank us for getting rich ;P

NOTE: Enhanced version of this guide will be available soon...Walkthrough will be updated daily (we hope Blizzard can keep their servers up for more than a few hours each day...)
The additional guide on the real-money Auction House, Legendary Items and Sets, Enemy Bestiary and Achievements is listed is another article ----- here

El Diablo...






The most important thing to remember while playing any game as extensive as Diablo III is that you can change your controls at will by going into the options menu - and you should do that too. That way, you'll not only remember what keys you assigned to specific actions but you will also feel that it is easier to go thru the entire game.
You will need to learn the key layout quickly since all battles and enemies in the game are relentless - although I have to say that all keys assigned are at optimal positions for any avid gamer so will not have too many problems either way. Here are the default keys -
Movement - Left Click: The Diablo franchise like many other dungeon crawler games (Baldur's gate and so on) employ a click to move system. So, just left click on any part of the ground you see on the screen to move there.
Primary Skill / Interact - Left Click: To use a skill or to talk to any other NPC or interact with objects in the world you will need to left click on them.
Secondary Skill - Right Click
Stand Still - Shift: The shift button is used to force your character to stand in one spot even if you click on the screen to make your character move. This is important in battle scneraios when you may accidentally click on the ground instead of the opponent which makes your charater to move. So use the stand still button while in combat to force your character to hold the position.
Action Bar Skills 1,2,3,4 - 1,2,3,4: The action bar skills are invoked by their corresponding numeric value.
Potion - Q: Another very important button, hit Q to use a equipped potion.
Inventory - I
Skills - S
Quests Listing - J
Journal / Notes- L
Follower Menu - F: Used to bring up the whole menu of all the followers.
Map - Tab
Banner - G
Town Portal Button - T
Zoom - Z
Show enemy health bars - V
Show Health Bars on Players - D
Show all Items on Ground - Alt
Show tooltip for item on Ground - Ctrl

DIABLO III Important Notes and Tips

Max Level - The Level Cap in Diablo III till which your Characters grow to and at which your charater will become the epitome of the class is Level 60. At level 60, The Barbarian and Wizard will unlock their last power ( other classes at 55 and 58). But you will not reach the higher levels if you play on low difficulties. Characters may advance to only 31 level if the game is done on normal difficulty. The Nightmare and Hell difficulties take up the number of levels to 50 and 60 and the Inferno difficulty should only be attempted after your character reaches level 60.
Gaining XP - Your character gains XP each time she or he kills a monster, completes a quest or discovers the lore of Sanctuary. You will also get small bonuses for fast kills and other such feats.
Health (Potions and Globes) - Obivously the most important thing in the game - who will you fight with if our Charater has no health? You can increase the total HP (Hit or Health Points) your character has by assigning points to the Vitality rating after you level up. The amount of health you gain for each point you assign will vary depending on the level of your character starting with 10 HP on level 1 and going up till 35 at 60. You can replenish your health in three ways in the game. The first is by drinking Health Potions (Q). Enemies some times drop health globes when killed. The size and number of globes dropped change with the level of the enemies - increasing in both aspects for high level monsters.
Repairs and Durability of Equipment - Apart from losing Durability from repeated usage, the weapons and armor you have equipped will lose 10% each time you get killed. You can fix up your weapons at almost all merchants in exchange for Gold.
Shrines - There are four types of shrines across the game which bless your character with a special power for 120 secs. There are - 
Shrine of Enlightenment - 25% additional experience from killing enemies - this is obviously the most important kind of shrine.
Protection Shrine - Damage Taken reduced by 25%.
Frenzied Shrine - Additional 25% Attack Speed.
Fortune Shrine - Additional 25% gold and magic looted.
Equipment Quality and Color Code - Diablo III (like many other RPG's) has a color specific distribution of equipment.
White - The most common type of equipment. They are useful only in the initial stages of the game and become worthless later on only useful for the little gold they may fetch at a merchant.
Blue - Blue color is given to basic magical equipment. This type of equipment can be salvaged at any Blacksmith or sold for a higher price than white items.
Yellow  - Rare items are yellow, and have a greater range of magical properties. They can be salvaged for better parts and also fetch more gold than blue items.
Orange - Legendary items are branded with Orange color. They are area and enemy specific items which are found only in certain fixed locations in the game. You can salvage them for legendary crafting materials and they fetch a lot of gold. You can consider selling these in the Auction House too for real money.
Green - Similar to Legendary Equipment but part of a set. If you have all pieces in a set you can become a very rich person in the Auction House.

Your Traveling Chest - STASH

You will come across a chest near "The Slaughtered Calf Inn" in New Tristram in the beginning of the game, which will be with you throughout the game (it travels around from act to act with a Caravan), and is directly connected to your battle.net account. All contents of this chest are uploaded to the server which maintains a log. You use the items from this chest to trade in the Auction House and also, the contents of this chest will be with your account so that you can use them in another playthrough or with another hero, if you want to play with another class. So if you find a nice set of Barbarian's armor but are playing as a Monk then you can start again as a Barbarian and use the items in this chest.


The following are the various status effects you will see in the game.
Slow: Slowed enemies of Characters will (obviously) move with a lower speed affecting their speed of attack and speed of spell casting. Basically, Slowed enemies are vulnerable to more powerful attacks which may take time to execute.
Chill: Chill is like slow but if you follow up with other elemental attacks, a chilled enemy will sustain more damage.
Rooted: Enemies which are rooted will be stuck in a location but they can still do ranged attacks and cast spells. So use rooting only on more powerful melee fighting enemies as the status is useless on spell casters and ranged fighters.
Frozen: Frozen enemies will not be able to move for a period of time or until the ice around them is melted.
Stun: Similar to Frozen but may last for a longer time.
Silenced: Silenced enemies will not be able to cast spells so this is useless on enemies who do not cast spells but is extremely effective on magic casters.
Fear: Under the state of Fear, the enemies will flee from combat.
Blind: Blinded enemies will not attack unless attacked upon.
Confused: Confused enemies may attack other enemies.
Charmed: Charmed enemies fight with you against other enemies.


And we all know that leveling up is the most important aspect of anyone's game - apart from accumulating a ludicrous amount of Gold and collecting Rare Equipment.
With each new level, your character gains a fixed number of points to their core stats - Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Vitality. Depending on your class, the amount given differs but we have no control over the distribution. You will also be able to unlock new skill slots or action bar slots at specified levels.
Also, certain rare or powerful equipment can be used by your character only if she pr he reaches the level specified on that piece of equipment.

New Skills and Skill slots are unlocked at various levels of your character. All characters have their Skill Slots distributed as - Primary, Secondary, Defensive and 3 class-specific categories. These are the default set for which the controls key configuration is set. But you can organize all of these by yourself and according to your wish if you choose the "Elective Mode" from your options menu.
More information on Skills pertaining to each class is written separately for the classes below.

Strength: This is the core attribute of the Barbarian. As the strength increases, the attack powers of the Barbarian increases and an increased strength is needed to equip better armor for all classes.
Dexterity: This is the core attribute of the Demon Hunter and Monk classes. Increase in Dexterity results in increased damage done by all Monk and Demon Hunters. All Classes depend on Dexterity for increased Dodge chances.
Intelligence : This is the core attribute for Wizards and Witch Doctors. Damage dealt by Wizards and Witch Doctors increase with increase in Intelligence and all classes depend on Intelligence for greater resistance scores.
Vitality: A Core attribute to all classes - this attribute is directly connected to the HP of the character.
Armour: Your armor rating increases with the use of better armor, gems and also passive skills.
Damage per Second: This shows the amount of damage your character can deal per second and is dependent on various factors.

There are additional parts to each core attribute, the following is an explanation of some of the most important ones.
Critical Hit - Critical Hits deal additional damage to a target. The chance to make a critical hit and also the damage dealt can be improved with various items in the game.
Dodge and Block - You can only Block when your character is equipped with a shield. But still, your character will need to undergo a successful chance to be able to block. Both the chance and amount of damage blocked can be improved. Dodge is for specific classes like the Monk and Witch Doctor who depend on Dexterity as their core attribute. A successful Dodge will negate full damage from the enemy.
Resistances - There are five types of resistances in the game to Arcane, Fire, Cold, Lightning and finally Poison.
Resource - Each class has a specific resource like the Barbarian's Fury. Depending on the Class, the amount and the regeneration speed of the resource will increase as your character levels up by the use of certain skills.
Movement Speed - This can be increased by the usage of certain items and skills.
Gold/Magic Finding chance - Certain equipment and Skills will improve the hero's chance of finding rare items which will be dropped by slain enemies and also the amount of gold you find.

HELP FOR HIRE - FOLLOWERS (more soon...)

The level of the Follower you hire will be one below your own level. According to their level, their powers and intervention in battle increases.
Meet during: Reign of Black King in Act 1
Ability : Single handed weapons and Shield
Level 5 - Heal once for a random value (cooldown - 30 secs)
Level 10 - Regenerate a random amount of life per second
Level 5 - Intervene (Taunt)
Level 10 - Intimidate (Slow enemies)
Level 15 - Charge (Stun Multiple enemies)
Level 15 - Onslaught (Deal 200% damage to single enemy)
Level 20 - Guardian (Knock back enemies nearby the Hero and heal a random amount)
Special: Level 20 - Inspire (increase varying amount of resource generation for all classes)
Meet During: The Sword of the Stranger in Act 1
Ability: Ranged Combat
Level 5 - Crippling Shot (Slow Target)
Level 5 - Poison Bolts
Level 15 - Powered Shot (Arcane Damage and Stun)
Level 15 - Multishot (3 bolts per shot)
Level 10 - Dirty Fighting (blind enemies)
Level 10 - Vanish
Level 20 - Hysteria (Increased damage after a critical hit for 3 secs)
Level 20 - Anatomy (improved critical hit chance to Scoundrel and you)
Meet During: Beneath the Burning Sands in Act 2
Ability: Weilds all weapons and has Magical abilities
Level  15 - Charm (read status effects above)
Level 25 - Disorient (Confuse)
Level 30 - Mass Control (Similar to Stun)
Level 15 - Forceful Push (Deal Arcane Damage and knock back)
Level 20 - Reflect Missiles
Level 20 - Powered Armour (Increase armour rating)
Level 25 - Erosion (Enemeis take additional damage)
Level 30 - Focused Mind (Increase attack speed of Enchantress and Ally)

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