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Diablo III Auction House, Legendary Item Sets, Enemy Bestiary and Achievements Guide



Buy now, we must know that there are two different auction houses in  Diablo III, one is the Gold Auction House where you trade in-game gold and the other is the Real-Money Auction House.
But before you get dizzy with expectations and ideas, there are a lot of things to know about the auction houses - such as when they are open? The real-money Auction House will open on the 29th of this month. We also present to you, our guide on how to use the real-money auction house an everything else you need to know about the Auction Houses.
Not everyone from every place who plays the game can take part in the real-money auction house, so first here's a list on where you can trade -
The Americas: USD (U.S. Dollar), AUD (Australian Dollars), MXN (Mexican Pesos), BRL (Brazilian Real), CLP (Chilean Peso), ARS (Argentine Peso)
Europe: EUR (Euro), GBP (Pound Sterling), RUB (Ruble)
Asia: No real-money auction houses at launch
There you have it, the lo-down on where you can and cannot trade. Further more, if you are living in a place where you can trade then there are other limitations which go like this -
Money Transfers
You can have a maximum of 250$ in your battle.net account so make sure you take out the money after it gets filled. But can you really take out the money? there are limitations on that too which go like this -
Players who live in the U.S. Mexico and Australia have the option to link their PayPal accounts to the Battle.Net Account after which they can transfer the funds to their PayPal account and use the money as you like it BUT, now this is a big but with a fully bloated B... If you like in any of the other regions where you can use the Real-Money Auction House then you will not be able to transfer the money anywhere expect to your Battle.Net account. The money in your Battle.Net account can only be used to spend more money on Blizzard Products only --- now that is a major bummer. Even after all that, the transaction and transfer fee will be 15% of the bid amount - another huge cut.
"Note that if receiving the proceeds of a sale into a player’s Battle.net Balance would put that player over the maximum permitted balance, the player must receive the proceeds through PayPal or other approved third-party payment service (in regions where available). In these cases, the player will be instructed to contact customer service for further assistance. In regions where an approved third-party payment service is not available, once a player’s Battle.net Balance reaches the maximum permitted balance, the player cannot make further sales on the real-money auction house"
Also, before you can do anything, you are advised to Authenticate you Battle.Net account (for which you may need to spend a little money) and also link your preferred payment method - a credit card or your PayPal account.
Choosing your Auction House
You can choose your Auction House from the Diablo III Character Screen. You will see the Auction House button on the left side of the screen. This will take you to the Auction House and from within the Auction House, you can choose between the Gold and real-money by clicking on the button on the upper-right corner of the auction house screen.
If you choose the real-money Auction House then Blizzard will automatically select a server in your region - you cannot select your own server since Blizzard does not allow players from one region to interact with players from another region in the Auction House. However, in some regions, you may have multiple auction houses which you can choose from the Diablo III options menu.
This is the most interesting concept of the Auction House. When you are in the Auction House Screen, click the Sell tab on the top middle of the screen. This will show you the list of all items available in your inventory and also your In-Game Stash. You can either sell Equipment or Commodities.
To Sell a piece of Equipment, just click on the weapon or armor and you will have the choice to set a minimum bid from where the bidding starts from. In addition, you can also set a Optional Buyout Price for which other players can buy the item without any bidding.
To sell commodities such as crafting equipment or gems which can be stacked, you cannot set a minimum bid price since there will be no bidding. You can only set a Buyout Price.
Another important things to note when setting an item to sell is to "choose how to receive the proceeds of the auction". If you choose the Battle.Net Balance then all the money will be sent to your account on Battle.Net or in certain regions (listed above) where you can like a pay-pal account, you will have the option of sending the money to your PayPal account with a 15% transfer fee. You can choose the mode of payment each time you set an auction.
Also, the item you set for auction will not be available to you again unless no one bought it in the Auction.
For players who are interested to acquire rare items...
Get into the Auction House of your choice and click on the Search tab. The server automatically generates a list of items depending on your character. You can also choose the Category of Item you want to buy and specify other parameters to your choice.
Once you find the item you are looking for, click on it and then click in the lower right hand side of the search window to place a bid or if you want to buyout the item without an auction, you will be able to do that. Note that you will be able to buyout equipment or bid only if the seller sets it in such a way, some may not specify a buyout price so you will have to bid for it.
Also, you cannot bid for Commodities such as Gems, Crafting Material and other stackable items - they will have a buyout price which you must pay.
You will be prompted to select a payment method if you are using a real-money auction house before you finalize your bid. And if you happen to win the Auction, the specified amount will be deducted from your specified method of payment.
Once you have the item you will be able to see it in the "Completed" tab. Click on that item and click on the "Send it to Stash" button to get the item in your stash box inside the game. There is a limit to how many items can be in the completed tab so make sure you are keeping it free.
Your stash can be found near the Slaughtered Calf Inn during the beginning of the game and it travels with you in a caravan as the game progresses.
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