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Despite Bugs, Skyrim Players Vow to Continue Supporting Bethesda


While The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a great game, many who have played it will admit it's glitchy and bugged.  At this point you'd have to be blind or hardcore fanboy to deny the glaring bugs in game.  Still, the fact remains, the game is one of the greatest we've seen.  I even posed the question that it might be the best glitched game we've had.  Despite it's flaws, it's still fun.

That seems to be the case with a lot of Bethesda games.  In fact, Bethesda is becoming known for putting out games that have glaring bugs at launch.  Unfortunately, as is the case with the latest Skyrim 1.2 update, the patches sometimes hurt the game more than help it. 

The most recent 1.2 patch, many argued, actually hurt the game more than helped it.  Yes, it solved the PS3 lag issues and fixed the Xbox 360 texture issues, but the patch introduced a whole new set of glitches, including broken magic resistance and backwards flying dragons.  While the dragons aren't exactly game breaking, many were frustrated with the magic resistance.  And yesterday, Xbox 360 users began reporting lag issues as well.

To be honest, Skyrim is the least buggiest game from Bethesda, but really that's not saying much.  You'd think fans would begin to get fed up with it.  But when the question was raised on the actual Bethesda forums, if "you will buy the next Bethesda game?", the response was different than you may think.

Despite multiple bugged games, players continued to show overwhelming support for Bethesda and any future title they plan on releasing.  While some had tepid responses with waiting for some reviews before making the decision, others were quick to answer "yes".

"A Bethesda Softworks game... of course." -xCyberiumX

"If it is another TES game yes." -slitherfast8

"Absolutely yes.  Too much whining here IMO." - Linger In Shadows

"Of course. I know full well what to expect from their games. Especially as a PC user, most of the starter bugs/glitches can be avoided, so I don't really even mind them. I'm up to 120 hours in Skyrim already and haven't had more than 5 bugs myself." -Rawis

That last statement seems to wrap up the overall response from fans.  I'll admit, I was surprised when seeing the constructive support for Bethesda, despite the flaws of their games.  You'd think after the outcry over the recent patch, fans would be jumping down Bethesda's throats.  Not these.  No, these fans are showing loyalty and dedication to Bethesda, and a little bit of patience too.

I think that last bit is the key.  With a game as massive as Skyrim, that enables free exploring, glitches are to be expected.  Skyrim is completely unscripted, which means it's hard to ensure EVERY bug is accounted for and fixed.  A lot of the times, as it was with Oblivion, the gaming community chips in and helps with mods.

Bethesda has confirmed a new Skyrim update coming this week, with it appearing first on PC.  It is expected to hit the PS3 and Xbox 360 later this week.  Among the fixes include magic resistance not calculating properly and the backwards flying dragon.  As of right now, Bethesda hasn't confirmed nor denied the Xbox 360 freezing issue, but already stated that they'll continue to release updates for the game - "through full title updates, as well as incremental 'gameplay updates' to fix whatever issues come up along with rebalancing portions of the game for difficulty or exploits."

To put it simply, Skyrim is a great game.  Yes, it's not perfect, but I challenge you to find me a game that is 100% bug free, especially game that is created these days.

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