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DayZ Standalone Cheats: Thirst, Hunger and Energy Guide


In DayZ, you'll have to manage how thirsty and hungry you are, with the respective units of measurement being Water and Energy. 

Your character will have five basic bodily funtion storages to manage -- Stomach, Water, Energy, Blood and Health. Here are the full capacities for each storage:

  • Water: full capacity at 4,000 milliliters. At 0 milliliter, you'll start to lose 1% Blood/second and -5 Health/second.
  • Energy: full capacity at 20,000. 600 you'll feel hungry; 300 you'll feel very hungry; 100 you'll start dying of starvation. 
  • Stomach: full capacity at 4,000 milliliters. You'll be over-fed at 3,500; at 3,900 you'll be prone to sickness. If you vomit, you will deplete your water and energy.
  • Blood and Health: both have a max capacity of 5,000. Blood can be regenerated with either natural generation or Blood Bags/Saline IV. Natural regeneration needs 3,500 energy and 3,000 water to restore blood at one blood/second. You'll get 3/second if you have 5,000 energy. Once you've regenerated your blood, you'll recover health at three health/second. 

Your character will start to feel hungry when your Energy drops down to 600, and you'll feel thirsty when your Water drops to 2,000. Every activity consumes water. For instance, when running, 24 water is consumed in 73 seconds, while sprinting will take 24 water in 67 seconds. Staying idles consumes 24 water in 180 seconds. Energy acts the same way. Being idle consumes one energy every 15 seconds. 

Here's the amount of units of Water and Energy that each food and drink gives you:


  • Water Bottle: 25 units of water
  • Canteen: 50 units of water
  • Soda: 17 units of water, 9 units of energy
  • Ponds: 5 units of water


  • Fresh Apples: 9 units of water, 5 units of energy
  • Rotten Apples: 2 units of water, 1 unit of energy
  • Fresh Bananas: 6 units of water, 10 units of energy
  • Rotten Bananas: 3 units of water, 3 units of energy
  • Fresh Kiwi: 3 units of water, 3 units of energy
  • Rotten Kiwi: 1 unit of water, 1 unit of energy
  • Fresh Orange: 7 units of water, 5 units of energy
  • Rotten Orange: 2 units of water, 2 units of energy

Canned Food

  • Baked Beans: 17 units of water, 31 units of energy
  • Sardines: 5 units of water, 22 units of energy
  • Spaghetti: 16 units of water, 20 units of energy
  • Tuna: 7 units of water, 32 units of energy

Dry Food

  • Box of Cereal: -13 units of water, 62 units of energy
  • Pack of Rice: -50 units of water, 249 units of energy
  • Powdered Milk: -20 units of water, 66 units of energy

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