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Darksiders II video walkthrough | How to beat the Bone Giant (Boss Guide)

Death is out to clear his brother's name and restore order to the realm by resurrecting humanity. To do this, he'll have to smash his way through legions of boss battles, uncover a variety of secrets, and try his best to keep his skull mask from getting dirty. Vito Gesualdi helps you get it done in this video walkthrough!

Boss Guide: How to beat the Bone Giant / How to beat the Bone Keeper.

After snagging the final lost soul from the Judicator's Tomb, the skeleton hanging in the center of the room will come to life, revealing itself as the Bone Keeper. The Bone Keeper doesn't actually fight, but will continue to spawn an endless pile of skeletons to fight. Lock onto the Bone Keeper, then use Redemption and fire away at the hanging corpse. You can stay locked onto this skeleton while continuing to use regular attacks and dodges to keep the little skeletons at bay.
Once the Bone Keeper is defeated, the Bone Giant appears. Luckily, this big boss is dumb and slow. Wait for him to use his big attack, and simply sidestep it before moving in for your own onslaught. Keep this up and you'll have completed the Judicator's tomb! 
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