Dark Souls II Playthrough Ep 32: Lucia, Belfry Gargoyles, Royal Rat Authority

In the thirty-second episode of this series, Rei II and I go on an old fashion boss hunt. Sometimes the bosses hunt you, sometimes you hunt the bosses. You know, Dark Souls. Before that though, we hunt down a quasi-boss. To do so, we need to return to the crypt to grab the Crushed Eye Orb. THEN, let’s return to Majula and head toward Lucia. The Cracked Eye Orb stirs eh? Use that and invade the traitor Lucia… OR SHOULD I SAY THE NAMELESS USURPER? Mmhmm. After that, we head back to Lost Bastille to absolutely steamroll through the Belfry Gargoyles. I love that the fight and music are so similar to Dark Souls. After that, I die five time to Royal Rat Authority, kill him, and call it a day.  

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