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Dark Souls II Playthrough Ep 30: Magic Infusion, Aldia’s Keep, Guardian Dragon

In the thirtieth episode, Rei II and I make our weapon awesome. Thanks to the aid of YouTubers, we made our +10 longsword into a magic infusion. This was a huge boon to Rei II’s damage output. So yea, awesome. With our new weapon, we head to Aldia’s Keep - very museum like. Dodge a dragon, do some swimming, die to an ogre… good times! We finish by ending the Guardian Dragon and getting a feather that lets us homebone forever. Good day.

Andrew Clouther Human, historian, teacher, writer, reviewer, gamer, League of Pralay, Persona fanboy, and GameZone paragon - no super powers as of yet. Message me on the Twitters: @AndrewC_GZ
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