Dark Souls II Playthrough Ep 3: Majula Mansion, Soul Farming P1, & Pharros’ Lockstone

The Need Humanity playthrough series looks to introduce newer players to Dark Souls II, help them with general mechanics, find items, and help with bosses. GameZone’s own Andrew trudges through  through Drangleic, derp around bonfires, and kills some baddies in the process.

In the third of the series, Rei II and I explore the Majula Mansion under Cale’s orders. Someone put a skeleton in there with an Estus Chunk. Kill/nab those, and head back towards the Cardinal Tower. Here, I’ll show an early game soul farming path to take to get ahead of the curve. In this video, I’ll also introduce you to Pharros’ Lockstones and how they work. Trust me, you’re going to want to use the first few you come across.   

Andrew Clouther Human, historian, teacher, writer, reviewer, gamer, League of Pralay, Persona fanboy, and GameZone paragon - no super powers as of yet. Message me on the Twitters: @AndrewC_GZ
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