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Dark Souls II Playthrough Ep 28: Shrine of Amana, Peculiar Kindalur, Demon of Song

In the twenty-eighth of the series, Rei II and I take a lovely stroll through the ever beautiful and always difficult Shrine of Amana. My suggestion to you is to take a bow; level one up a bit before you proceed. These a-hole mages will spam homing soul arrow at you and you don’t need to deal with that. One mage spamming homing soul arrow is one thing, there is a whole different matter. Along the way, we find the woman I would cheat on Rei II with, Felicia the Brave. The three of us trudge on, die to the Peculiar Kindalur, but then become victorious. We end this episode, with the boss that looks like the stuff of nightmares, the Demon of Song. Sadly for him, we move on. FROG LEGS FOR DINNER!   

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