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Dark Souls II Playthrough Ep 25: Shrine of Winter, Drangleic Castle, & Upgrading

In the twenty sixth of this series, I take Rei II back to the Gulch to go grab Havel’s Armor set and shield. We grab it and bone on out of there. From there we head on over to the Shaded Woods to find the Shine of Winter. This place is obnoxious to find and I get a bit angry at how I was supposed to know it exists - I certainly didn’t know the first time I played. So yea, follow my path and I’ll show you the way. From there, we head over to Dranleic Castle to GO VISIT ROYALTY. Or something. Pretty pretty stuff. We continue to fail invading and actually kill a crystal lizard for once! It’s a goodum too! We reach the first bonfire in the castle and then FINALLY upgrade our armor a bit.

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