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Dark Souls II Playthrough Ep 13: Skeleton Lords & Chloanna

In the thirteenth of the series, I take Rei II to meet more of her recent undead neighbors. Since the chariot was a bust, why not go meet the Skeleton Lords? Since there are three of them, what could go wrong? Apparently not a whole lot. Before that though, we need access to this locked bonfire. The bandit hollows are swell enough to lend us the key. Soon after, the Dark Spirit Merciless Roenna invades - sorta. She falls off a cliff and we use the key to free Crighton of Mirrah. This poor guy is on the hunt for Pate. Who is the villain here? Is it all just one big misunderstanding? Regardless, Rei II kills the Skeleton Lords and we find Chloanna absently toying with rocks. We send her to Majula and call it a day.   

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