Dark Souls II Playthrough Ep 11: Contraption, Huntsman’s Copse, & Richard’s Rapier

In the eleventh of the series, I take Rei II to meet our old friend the cleric. She resides next to the weird contraption on the way to the Tower of Flame. Give the nice lady 2k souls and she’ll open the path to Huntsman’s Copse. Shortly after we’ll meet the super creepy dude staring at the wall in the darkness, he’ll teach you dark stuffs if you have the talent - Rei II does not. We lose a duel, I know… I know. Then we spend the rest of the time trying to get this hard to reach item. In response to this, we go on a grand adventure to get Richard’s Rapier; something I’ve never done before. So yea, I make the jump on my first try!

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