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Dark Souls II Guide: Weapon Infusion and Upgrade Paths

Are you tired of your +10 weapon and are looking to add a bit of flavor to it? Why not infuse it? To do so, you’re going to have to give the Dull Ember you get in the Iron Keep outside of the Smelter Demon fight to the Blacksmith McDuff. You’ll find him in the Lost Bastille past where you meet the swashbuckler NPC for the first time right before the locked gate with the two dogs. There is a barrel on top of a stairway, push it over and it will explode a hole in the wall revealing a bonfire and McDuff.

With the Dull Ember and the right stone, you can upgrade your weapon or shield down several different paths: Fire, lightning, poison, bleeding, magic, enchanted, raw, dark, and you can also remove these with a Palestone. They cost one upgrade stone and 2000 souls. Improving the + on a weapon is completely separate from infusing, don’t think of it like Dark Souls. Make sure you look at how this will change your damage and the Param bonuses. You could really mess yourself up by doing this. Other than that, enjoy the variety.

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