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Dark Souls II Guide: Shrine of Winter - Where You go After Collecting All Primal Souls

If you’re anything like me, you collected all the Primal Souls and had NO idea where to go. This was me. On top of that, the NPCs in Majula keep telling you to go see the king or go to his castle. WHERE THE HELL IS THAT?! UP THE HILL PAST THE FOREST DOESN’T TELL ME ANYTHING!

Sorry, that advice is actually spot on. Teleport to the Shaded Woods at the Ruined Fork Road. Follow the path shown in the video and go to the end. Where it looks like just a dead end, there is actually a hard to notice path that takes you up towards the Shine of Winter. THIS will take you to the king and the castle. If this helps just ONE person out, I’ll be happy. Best of luck.

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