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Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory King | #8 Blizzards & Duel-Tigers

I’m so sad about sound issues – since it’s Dark Souls II, I couldn’t go back and redo stuffs. After a bit more of back tracking, we grab the Garrison Ward Key. Going to the only unopened door so far, we discover a bunch of coffins. After a bit of technical difficulties (someone busting into the room I was recording in, singing), we jump into the coffin into a blizzard. This area is horrid. There is no visibility and giant Pokemon-esque horse monsters. At the end, with no bonfires, we come across duel-tigers! Lud and Zallan are just part of it, GETTING to them is the real pain. With the kitties put down, the dlc ends and the true queen can rest once more.  

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