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Dark Souls II Boss Guide: The Duke’s Dear Freja

My dear dear Freja, how horribly disgusting you are. I’m glad every Souls game has to have a huge awful spider boss fight. Well guess what, Dark Souls II is no different. Freja is a primal with an infinite spiderling spawn. So while you’re dodging her legs, you have to deal with those little suckers leaping at you constantly. I like to stay a right out of her leg range while constantly moving right, circle strafing her. Because she is a spider, she will laser you - or try to. I find this to be the best time to punish her. Run through her legs and get to her current behind and punish her for lasering. I find this to be the safest time to attack her. Play it safe, kill the spiderlings when need be, and you’ll wear her down eventually.     

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