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Dark Souls II Boss Guide: Scorpioness Najka

This little lady is sort of the Quelaag of Dark Souls II. Instead of a naked lady with a spider body, it’s a naked lady with a scorpion body. Lovely eh? To make this fight easier, you can summon an NPC man-scorpion dude. Talk to him in the same region with the Ring of Whispers on, exhaust his dialogue, and he’ll be yours to summon. Najka’s spear thrusts can be quick, so be careful, watch how I get hit by them all the time. You’re not safe on her side, her body will whip you. Her most dangerous attack is a talk impale that will toxic you - I was kind enough to show you this (my plan all along). When she goes underground, watch the tremors move around the floor and stay away. Because, why not, she’ll also cast sorceries. Do your best to dodge them  and best of luck.

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