Dark Souls 2 Complete Walkthrough & Guide

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Dark Souls II has been unleashed upon the masses, and that means fans get a whole new world to explore, monsters to slay, weapons to collect and level up, secrets to discover, and of course death, lots and lots of death.

In our comprehensive playthrough of Dark Souls II, you'll get familiar with the world and its inhabitants, as we show you how to progress through the game, as well as how to tackle the many difficult bosses, and of course, find some nifty secrets along the way.

Official Review (Unscored)


Episode 1: Intro, Tutorial, & Majula

Episode 2: Forest of Fallen Giants, Cardinal Tower, & Cale

Episode 3: Majula Mansion, Soul Farming P1, & Pharros’ Lockstone

Episode 4: The Last Giant, Soldier Key, & The Pursuer

Episode 5: The Lost Bastille, Soul Farming P2, & Ruin Sentinels

Episode 6: Belfry Luna, Bell Keepers, & The Lost Sinner

Boss Guide

The Last Giant

The Pursuer

Ruin Sentinels

The Lost Sinner

Covenant Guide

The 9 covenants of Dark Souls II

Other Misc.

Maughlin the Armor - Armor Guide

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