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Dark Souls 2 Cheats: Get Boss armor from Maughlin the Armorer

Maughlin the Armorer at first seems like a wasted effort on From's part to populate Majula's vacant home. He's depressed, anxious, and doesn't really offer any great armor or shields for the player. That's not entirely true. Think of Maughlin the Armorer kind of like Nook from Animal Crossing (what a comparison). That more Souls you spend at his shop, the more he'll have available.

Upon your first visit, Maughlin will have a few armor pieces as well as a few shields for sale. These are:

Armor: Standard Helm, Hard Leather Armor, Hard Leather Gauntlets, Hard Leather Boots, Infantry Armor, Infantry Gloves, Infantry Boots, Falconer Helm, Falconer Armor, Falconer Gloves, Falconer Boots

Shields: Iron Parma, Silver Eagle Kite Shield, Twin Dragon Greatshield

After you spend a 1,000 Souls at his shop, he will stock the Royal Soldier Armor Set and the Elite Knight Armor Set.

Upon spending 16,000 Souls, he will stock the Alva Armor Set, which is a lightweight medium armor set that has a high defense rating. Also, after successfully defeating various bosses like Smelter Demon, Lost Sinner, and Looking Glass Knight, he will have their respective armor sets available for purchase too.

When he's rich and begins to sell the Alva Armor Set, you can visit him with 0 Souls and he'll take pity on you and give you a free Aurus Set, which is medium armor that increases your maximum equipment load for every piece you have equipped.

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