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Dark Souls 2 Cheats: Covenant Guide

White vs. Red

Covenants are an integral part of the world of Dark Souls, as they enhance the overall multiplayer experience by making players connect with others, whether through cooperation or intense players vs. player combat.

As of right now, there are 9 known covenants in the game, two focused on cooperation, two PvP covenants based on invading, three PvP covenants based on being summoned, and two PvE covenants.

Let's break down what these covenants are, and what rewards await when you climb through their ranks.

Way of the Blue

When in Way of the Blue, you gain protection from players who are in the Blue Sentinels covenant, particularly when you get invaded. Upon a player invasion to your world, a Blue Sentinel player will be summoned to help defeat the invader in battle. This covenant can be entered by talking to Saulden in Majula multiple times.

  • Starting item: Blue Seal.
  • Rank 1 (Defeat 1 invading phantom): Bloodbite Ring.
  • Rank 2 (Defeat 5 invading phantoms): Hush.
  • Rank 3 (Defeat 10 invading phantoms): Blue Tearstone Ring.

Blue Sentinels

These warrior's go hand in hand with the Way of the Blue covenant. When a player joins the Blue Sentinels, they will be summoned to players that are part of the Way of the Blue covenant, if they're being invaded. Alternatively, Blue Sentinels can also invade other players who have been indicted as committing sins. Players can join the Blue Sentinels by entering the Blue Cathedral in Heide's Tower of Flame, however, the prerequisite is that they have actively helped another player through co-op play.

  • Starting item: Guardian's Seal.
  • Rank 1 (50 deaths of invading Black Phantoms when invading as Revenge Phantom, or victories in training matches): Spirit Tree Shield.
  • Rank 2 (150 deaths of invading Black Phantoms when invading as Revenge Phantom, or victories in training matches): Wrath of the Gods.
  • Rank 3 (500 deaths of invading Black Phantoms when invading as Revenge Phantom, or victories in training matches): Bountiful Sunlight.

Brotherhood of Blood

The Brotherhood of Blood can be equated to the Dark Wraiths covenant from Dark Souls. Being a part of this covenant means you'll be invading other players and spilling their blood for the god, Nahr Alma. Brotherhood of Blood players might face a difficult time since some players might be protected by Blue Sentinels. You can join this covenant after defeating the Executioner Chariot and talking to Tiny Gren in a small area after.

  • Starting item: Crest of Blood.
  • Rank 1 (50 deaths while invading, or victories in deathmatches): Curved Twinblade.
  • Rank 2 (150 deaths while invading, or victories in deathmatches): Crescent Sickle.
  • Rank 3 (500 deaths while invading, or victories in deathmatches): Great Chaos Fireball.

Bell Keepers

These little guys will protect the Bell from the Princess at any cost! Join these psychotic beings and be summoned to dispatch of any trespasser who tries to ring the bell. This covenant can be entered immediately after entering Belfry Luna, and talking to the small soldier sitting on the right.

  • Starting item: Bell Keeper's Seal.
  • Rank 1 (Defeat 10 Hosts when invading as a Grey Phantom or 10 Black Phantoms that invade the Belfries): Titanite Slab x1.
  • Rank 2 (Defeat 30 Hosts when invading as a Grey Phantom or 10 Black Phantoms that invade the Belfries): Hidden Weapon.
  • Rank 3 (Defeat 100 Hosts when invading as a Grey Phantom or 10 Black Phantoms that invade the Belfries): Bell Keeper Helmet, Bell Keeper Bellyband, Bell Keeper Cuffs, Bell Keeper Trousers.

Pilgrims of Dark

This covenant allows players to fight various bosses, even some from Lordran such as Havel the Rock, Pharis and Ricard. This is a purely PvE covenant, that can equate to basically a Boss Rush mode. Defeating the final boss however will reward players with an awesome armor set and weapon. Players can join this covenant by talking to Darkdiver Grandahl who is located in three different places. The first is Black Gulch. Drop down the ledge near the first worm and right after the first black hand monsters. There will be a locked gate there. You need to drop down another ledge where two giants will be waiting. Kill them for the key and go through the previously locked gate to find him. In Shaded Ruins, keep right from the giant basilisk and continue on the path to the Boss. Instead of going through the two buildings, look for the grassy area and drop down where you see a few boards to find him. Lastly, near the Drangleic Castle first bonfire, activate the the statues with souls and continue through the last gate on the left.

  • Starting item: Abyss Seal.
  • Rank 1 (Successfully clear one area of the Dark Chasm): Resonant Soul.
  • Rank 2 (Light all three Braziers in the Dark Chasm): Great Resonant Soul.
  • Rank 3 (Defeat the Boss of the Dark Chasm): Climax, Xanthous Crown, Xanthous Overcoat, Xanthous Gloves, Xanthous Waistcloth.

Company of Champions

This covenant is for the diehard Dark Souls players. If for any reason you're finding the game to be too easy, or perhaps you're just masochistic player who believes enjoyment comes through brutal difficulty, joining this covenant will increase the difficulty of the game by making monsters and bosses do more damage, as well as increasing their overall health. Players can join this covenant by kneeling in front of the Victory Stone that's located on a path to the right of the Cat House and the underground entrance

  • Starting item: Champion's Tablet.
  • Rank 1 (10 Victor's Stones): Great Magic Weapon.
  • Rank 2 (25 Victor's Stones): First Dragon Ring.
  • Rank 3 (50 Victor's Stones): Vanquisher's Seal.

Rat Covenant

By joining the Rat covenant, you will be able to set traps in the Rat Temple that will players who aren't part of the Rat covenant. This covenant also makes all the NPCs of that area not attack you. You can join this covenant by talking to the Rat immediately after the Rat Boss Fight and obtaining the Rat Tail and offering it to him.

  • Starting item: Crest of the Rat.
  • Rank 1 (10 Rat Tails): Smooth & Silky Stone x10.
  • Rank 2 (20 Rat Tails): Smooth & Silky Stone x10.
  • Rank 3 (30 Rat Tails): Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring.

Heirs to the Sun

Dark Souls players will immediately recognize the familiar sounding covenant from the original game, which was called Warriors of Sunlight. In this covenant, players will be able to put down radiant summon signs that will shine brightly among the rest, allowing for easy to spot cooperation. To join this covenant, you must travel to Harvest Valley to the second bonfire and kill the monster with the giant hammer. Before the Keep to the left, you will find a small cave that contains a broken statue in it. Pray to it and you will become a SUNBRO!

  • Starting item: Sun Seal.
  • Rank 1 (10 Sunlight Medals): Sunlight Parma.
  • Rank 2 (20 Sunlight Medals): Sun Sword.
  • Rank 3 (30 Sunlight Medals): Sunlight Spear.

Dragon Remnants

In the Iron Keep on top of the Dragon Shrine, you will get invaded by a black phantom. After that, you can obtain the Petrified Egg and give it to the vendor in Iron Keep. That his how you join the covenant.

  • Starting item: Dragon Eye, Ancient Dragon Seal.
  • Rank 1 (10 Dragon Scales): Dragon Head Stone.
  • Rank 2 (20 Dragon Scales): Dragon Torso Stone.
  • Rank 3 (30 Dragon Scales): Black Dragon Greatsword.
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