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Dark Souls 2 Boss Guide: Ruin Sentinels

In this section of the Need Humanity series, GameZone’s own Andrew looks specifically at the bosses in Dark Souls II. All of the video is ripped directly from the playthrough but the emphasis here is on the bosses. These videos also all come with live commentary.

These three statue like dudes are each individual jerks. Even though there are three of them, they all share the exact same attack patterns and are identical in every way. I find the fight easier if you don’t use the summon, she messes everything up for me. Defeat the first Sentinel on the starting platform. Once he dies, the other two will come. Do as much damage as possible to the first and once the second comes, fall to the ground below - this will hurt so have the HP first. Try to finish off the one you hurt first and take your time only attacking when safe. Once there is only one left, it’s a cake walk.

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