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Dark Souls 2 Boss Guide: Executioner’s Chariot

The Executioner’s Chariot fight is one of the closest things Dark Souls II has to a gimmick fight. The first half, the harder half, of the fight is trying to get to a level to lower a portcullis for the Chariot to crash into. Here’s the thing, the chariot will one shot you if it clips you. There are alcoves along the side you are safe in and you can roll through the spike at the end of the chariot. This would be all fine and dandy if it wasn’t for the a@#hole skeletons. There are two necromancers in the fight that will raise the skeletons constantly, you HAVE to kill them. After you pull the lever, the executioner dies and you have to fight the horse. Back off when he fires dark gas at you, dodge his charge, and punish him whenever possible. This boss has low hitpoints.

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