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Like most action movies -- make that movies in general -- nowadays, there is a movie-based Facebook game made to accompany and hype the release of said movie.  So of course the new heist / illegal transportation action film Contraband starring Mark Wahlberg would make a Facebook game.  Game is a loose term though.

contraband facebook game

It's more of a "Choose your own adventure" book.  You don't do any smuggling of illegal goods or shooting yourself.  Instead you just read...and read...and then to change it up a little, read some more.  The whole idea of the game is to earn yourself money.  The game throws in details, like your name and where you're from (probably why it accesses your location in permissions).  You take on missions, earn money, and raise your rank, and then compare it to your friends.  Each mission costs money up front (you are fronted 25k to begin the game) and has a different payout.

contraband facebook game

Like I said, you choose what type of job you want to perform -- whether it's smuggling narcotics and guns, exotic wildlife, or counterfeit money.  Then you are presented with three different methods of pulling off the job.  I chose to smuggle counterfeit money, because I'm a baller.  It gave me the choices of strapping the money to my chest, putting it in paper crates on a ship to pose as paper, and stuffing them in stuffed animals and teddy bears.

contraband facebook game

Depending on the strategy you choose, more scenarios pop up during the mission.  Then you  choose another option on how to deal with that scenario, until, finally, the mission comes to an end.  Then you are awarded your money and score, if you were successful.  Apparently, I'm a gun-toting sociopath with an itchy trigger finger.  That damn boat captain.

contraband facebook game

If you're looking to kill some time on Facebook, mess around with the Contraband Facebook game and see how you do with each mission.  It killed 10 minutes for me.  And if you're wondering, yes, the boat captain in the picture above is the actor that plays J. Jonah Jameson from Spiderman

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