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Complete Silent Hills P.T. Video Walkthrough with Ending



If the title didn’t give it away, there are going to be heavy spoilers in this video. If you want any surprise or fear, don't watch this walkthrough of P.T.

This game has been haunting so many for the last few days. With enough time, patience, and courage, most are able to get up to the final puzzle but then the true unknown kicks in. As of now, I’ve completed P.T. four times. Two of those times is the way I’m showing in this video. With that said, that means there have been two other times I beat it differently. I’ll explain all four of these times.

Once you get to the final puzzle, after she kills you and the organ in the lunch bag talks to you (that is a sentence I just wrote), you’ve entered the final phaze. Collect all the picture fragments if you haven’t yet - watch the video for their locations. Now wait until the clock hits 12:00. Now take exactly 10 steps and stop. The baby’s giggle should trigger. Now you’ve entered the part people are uncertain about. Have your mic or camera mic plugged in.

First Two Times I went looking for the ghost (I know what I said) and it only worked when she walks around in the hallway. If she spawns in a window or bathroom, just wait until she appears again. Now, once I discover her, I keep as much distance as possible while still looking at her - even focus on her. During this period, make noise into your mic; the second time I did this I used music from my phone. Towards the end of her walk, I heard the baby giggle. At this point, stand perfectly still. You’ll feel the controller vibrate as the ghost music ends. The baby will giggle again. A second later the phone will ring. Walk over to the phone, still avoid the ghost, and try to answer it. A voice will speak to you, leave like you’re going to loop again, and win.

The third time I beat it was when I was editing this video. I was at the end puzzle, did the 10 steps, and then had the game on pause. About an hour into editing I heard the baby laugh - yes, while the game was paused. So I got out of the menu, the controller started vibrating, the baby laughed again, phone, win.

The fourth time I had the blue light, did the 10 steps, baby laughed, walked around some, baby laughed again, waited, laugh, phone, win.

From my understanding the hall light and colored lights don’t matter for being able to beat it. I will say though, when I had the blue light - it seemed realllllllly easy.

Best of luck in this incredibly creepy game!

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