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Clash of Clans Cheats: Town Hall Leveling Guide


Clash of Clans may seem a bit daunting at first, and knowing your way around your very own battlefield is just one step toward great success.

In this guide, we'll go over one of the most important buildings in your town, the Town Hall. This upgradeable building can be thought of as the heart of your town, and upgrading it will unlock new buildings to place down and expand.

While upgrading the Town Hall is easy in the beginning, the later stages get much harder and take much longer to complete. First let's break down the Town Hall's cost per level as well as its hitpoints and time it takes to complete.

Town Hall Level 1 - 1,500 HP

Town Hall 1This is the building you start off with in the game, and you should be upgrading it ASAP. Level 1 allows you to place down 1 gold mine and elixir collector, as well as 1 storage per each, 1 barracks and 1 army camp.

Defense: 2 Cannons (NEW)

Town Hall Level 2 - 1,600 HP / Cost: 1,000 / Time: 5 minutes

Town Hall 2The second upgrade will allow you to place down 1 more additional gold mine and elixir collector, bringing the total up to 2, as well as one additional barracks.

Defense: 1 Archer Tower (NEW), 25 walls (NEW)

Town Hall Level 3 - 1,850 HP / Cost: 4,000 / Time: 3 hours

Town Hall 3Now it's starting to take some time to complete, though the cost is still relatively low. Level 3 brings your total gold and elixir collectors to 3, and also allows you to build one extra gold and elixir storage. Level 3 also comes with the very useful addition of an extra army camp, which will allow you to essentially double your army. This is important if you're constantly attacking other players. You can also build the Laboratory, which is also a super important building which upgrades your units.

Defense: +25 walls, 1 Mortar (NEW), 2 Bombs (NEW)

Town Hall Level 4 - 2,100 HP / Cost: 25,000 / Time: 1 day

Town Hall 4You'll have to wait a whole day for this upgrade, which sadly is one of the least worth it, since it only adds one extra gold and elixir collector, bringing the total to 4, and lets you build 1 extra barracks.

Defense: +1 Archer Tower, +25 walls, 1 Air Defense (NEW), 2 Spring Traps (NEW)

Town Hall Level 5 - 2,400 HP / Cost: 150,000 / Time: 2 days

Town Hall 5Level 5 once again doesn't bring a whole slew of new buildings, however aside from bringing your total amount of collectors to 5, you also get an additional army camp, which once again increases your total amount troops you can have at once. This upgrade is ideal for continued raiding on enemy camps. Just make sure you've been upgrading your troops as well in the Laboratory. Level 5 unlocks the Spell Factory which can give you an additional edge in battle. If you're not constantly raiding, the Spell Factory might be somewhat useless.

Defense: +1 Cannon, +1 Archer Tower, +25 walls, +2 Bombs, 1 Wizard Tower (NEW), 2 Air Bombs (NEW)

Town Hall Level 6 - 2,800 HP / Cost: 750,000 / Time: 4 days

Town Hall 6Get ready to plop down one more additional gold and elixir collector bringing the total to 6, and that's about it as far as new buildings go.

Defense: +25 walls, +1 Mortar, +2 Spring Traps, +1 Wizard Tower, 1 Giant Bomb (NEW)

Town Hall Level 7 - 3,200 HP / Cost: 1,200,000 / Time: 6 days

Town Hall 7Shocker, at this Town Hall level, you don't actually expand your gold and elixir collector amount. Instead, you get access to Dark Elixir storage and Dark Barracks. Dark Elixir is yet another resource that will help you build powerful units. However, at this stage, the only way you can attain Dark Elixir is by raiding and stealing it from other players. Level 7 also allows you to build an additional barracks and army camp.

Defense: +2 Cannons, +1 Archer Tower, +50 walls, +1 Mortar, +2 Bomb, +1 Air Defense, +1 Giant Bomb, 1 Seeking Air Mine (NEW), 2 Tesla (NEW)

Town Hall Level 8 - 3,700 HP / Cost: 2,000,000 / Time: 8 days

Town Hall 8Say hello to Dark Elixir drills, your first machine which will allow you to harvest Dark Elixir without having to raid. You can also add a gold and elixir storage bringing the total to 3. You can also build an additional Dark Barracks.

Defense: +1 Archer Tower, +50 walls, +1 Air Defense, +2 Spring Traps, +1 Wizard Tower, +1 Giant Bomb, +2 Air Bomb, +1 Seeking Air Mine, +1 Tesla

Town Hall Level 9 - 4,200 HP / Cost: 3,000,000 / Time: 10 days

Town Hall 9You can add one more Dark Elixir drill, as well as a fourth and final gold and elixir storage.

Defense: +1 Archer Tower, +25 walls, +1 Air Defense, +1 Wizard Tower, +1 Giant Bomb, +2 Seeking Air Mine, +1 Tesla, 2 X-Bow (NEW)

Town Hall Level 10 - 5,000 / Cost: 4,000,000 / Time: 14 days

Town Hall 10Get ready for a grueling wait of two full weeks for this baby. You can build a gold and elixir storage, bringing the total to 7. Level 10 also allows for one more Dark Elixir drill bringing the total to 3. 

Defense: +1 Cannon, +1 Archer Tower, +1 Giant Bomb, +1 Air Bomb, +1 Seeking Air Mine, +1 X-Bow, 2 Inferno Towers (NEW)

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